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Sunday, November 02, 2008

“All Saints Day”

All Saints Day is a solemn holiday set aside to remember the dead, in the Philippines the holiday is a day of festivities. November 1 marks the beginning of the Filipino "Araw ng mga Patay," the celebration of the Day of the Dead. The celebration continues through the next day, All Souls Day. It is a Filipino tradition to celebrate the All Saints Day every November 1, it is also a day when my grandfather died. A tradition where all the people went to the cemetery to commemorate their loved one who already passed away. My family and I always did this tradition and at this time it is such a very sad moment for me because my Mom was already included on the dead people we commemorate. My grandparents, both mother and father side together my Mom was buried at Himlayang Pilipino Memorial Park. Himlayang Pilipino Memorial Park is a true historical site, a hollowed place and a witness to the heroism and bravery of two of our national heroes, Melchora Aquino (Tandang Sora) and General Emilio Jacinto,
whose remains and memories are etched in shrines revered by Filipinos. This memorial park in Tandang Sora District is a tourist spot in its own right. Its magnificent landscape and monuments are something to behold. " Another breathtaking sculpture monument here is that of "Malakas and Maganda", the Philippines' own version of "Adam and Eve".
On the night of October 31, 2008, me and my cousin went there and slept over at the graveyard of my Mom and my grandparents (Mother side). There are a lot of people who stayed there the whole night. We lighted some candles and bought some flowers to put on their tomb. At 5:00AM of November 1, we went home to prepare some foods that we're going to bring at the cemetery. After cooking and setting all the things we need for the whole day of our stay there, we went back altogether and enjoy the whole day of our stay there. It's also a good bonding and reunion for all the family, because that day is a non working holiday so more time to spent together. May our loved ones who are now rest in peace, become an inspiration for us. This is just a way of remembering them through this event, but they are always living in our hearts and will stay there forever.

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