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Monday, November 24, 2008

81 Days To Go

Okay, now I have 81 days to go to be with my Love. Today I need to call the Health Department and setup appointment to get the recommended shots for travel to a feign country. I also going call to see when I can start my second job at pizza shop as a deliver driver. I hope a get a lot of tips doing it. I am also meeting with my mentor Keith who is helping we get a job with a local chain of convenient stores. With them I can get benefits and regular pay raises. If thing work out with the convenient store, after my trip to the Philippines I leave the hotel and work it the convenient store full time. Now I getting the second jobs because I need to save at least $125 extra each week until I leave to cover my bills, airline fees, and to have spending money while on my trip.

I will try to post a update each day as I count down the days to I am my Love in the Philippines. Both Jo Anne and I are excited about spending time with one another and sharing this time of our lives with you here. We hope you will check back and see how things are going for us as God provides for our needs.

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