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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

79 Days to Go

Last night, I saw the mother of one of my friends from high school who also has a girlfriend in the Philippines. His girlfriend's Visa has been approved for her to come to the United States. They are wait for her interview and for her to get the necessary shots for entry into the United States. This is go news for Jo Anne and I as we are going to start the paperwork for Jo Anne's Visa once I get back from the Philippines. His mother also told me that I need to make at least $17000 a year. I make more that at my primary job and I also have been working second jobs here and there. Right now, I am looking for another second job. I need to save at least a $100 a week between now another the time I leave to cover bills, shots, and spending money.

I also have an appointment setup for the shot that the CDC recommends for travel to the Philippines. I be getting them in January. I figured that I better be safe and get them even through they are not required.

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