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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Economic Crisis Bailout Plans

While the Congress and the President are still talking about more Bailout plans. The $700 Billion plan just passed and the Economic Stimulus Check are already going to cause our taxes to do up in the future. My big question is why should I have to pay for other people's greed and stupidity. I am not talking about people who lost their jobs here. Many people where given loans for home they could not afford in the first place.

People should be required to come up with 20 percent down when buying a house. I believe that if they are able to come up with the 20 percent down that they would be less likely to be foreclosed on or be able to sell the house to avoid foreclosure. I encourage people to get out of debt and to have an emergency fund. Let face it there is very few things the government fixes. Most of the time it ends up making things worse.

We are just in the down side of the economic cycle. Things will get better even with no government help. The best thing the government can do is cut taxes for the hard working tax payers and stop handing the money out to people who do not want to work. Since people like to have programs in school for this and that, lets teach our children how to balance a check book and make and keep a budget. Save up money to get the big screen Television or new computer instead of getting a loan to buy it. Being debt-free gives you more freedom to buy great things and you also enjoy them more. You will enjoy thing that do not have a monthly payment with it.

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