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Monday, September 15, 2008

Spiritual Starvation

Spiritual starvation is likely common to a kid who are suffering from physical malnourishment. Starving people actually reach a point when they don’t even want food that is placed before them. If we have been feeding daily on God’s word it is natural to feel “hungry” when we skip our quiet time. But if we continue to neglect it, we may lose all desire to study the Scriptures.

Many people all over the world are starving spiritually, they have an insatiable cravings for nourishment. If our physical body needs food to make us strong how much more our spiritual life. Friends, we must feed our spiritual life through reading the Bible and meditating on its truth.

Set a time each day to talk with God by prayer. When you lost your taste for the “bread of life” just confess your sins and ask forgiveness from God and seek His help to revive your appetite for His word. According to Thomas Guthrie, “Be Alarm” if you find yourself loving any pleasure better than your prayers, any book better than the Bible, and any persons better than Christ.

Are you hungry and need nourishment? If you think you are, then feed your soul. Set aside the things you are doing right now, put yourselves in the presence of the Lord and talk with Him through a silent prayer. Only God can treat your malnourished spiritual life, just let Him take control of your life.

A well read Bible is a sign of a well fed soul.

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