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Thursday, September 04, 2008

My View on the Presidential Race

It is without a doubt a historical presidential race here in the United States. I have been following the race very closely in the news. Now we have a chance to see the first black elected President or the first women elected as Vice President. Which if you look at Obama is more white and other things then black. Be at last the color of ones skin does not tell you anything about the person they are and want kind of job they are going to do.

While a lot of things have be said about Mr. Obama that is not true. There is too many questions left unanswered especially when it comes to the change he keeps talking about. Mr. Obama is the most liberal Senators in the United States Senate. That does take some doing. He plans of make government bigger and rise our taxes. Government is know for its excellent running of things just look at our public schools, welfare system, and our do nothing congress. Congress have sat on their hand doing nothing because they said it be years before drilling or the other things that have been suggested to do any help. While the last time I checked this is life and life's problems often take time to solve. Life is not a TV Sitcom where problems are solved in 30 minutes. Obama has come up with no major legislation since being in the Senate. He has chanced his position on things several times.

I have disagree with many things the John McCain has voted for over the years but, he has done things to try the being change. Mr. McCain has many thing out the United States first in his life over his personal interest. We do need someone in the White House who stand up for want he believes is best for our country and not just do want the pole say the people want at that thing. John McCain stood strong on defending the United States over the years. With John McCain record even the things I disagree with he has showed leadership. Ladies and Gentlemen a leader is want we need for a president not someone who changes his mind every time the wind blows.

Sarah Palin, John McCain's running mate, has shown herself as a reformer. I think it is sad that people have attack her personally. Attack her for her record not because she has a child with Down Syndrome or her daughter is pregnant. With her son's Down Syndrome, with her as Vice President she will have more options open to her to take care of him then if she stayed in Alaska. As the case with her daughter no family is prefect and she is supporting her daughter. Being a major of a small town is some ways just as hard as being President because people in small town know you personally and it is harder to hide things.

I encourage you to vote. No matter who you vote for in the election look at their record and vote for the one you feel is the best for the job. If you do not vote you can not complain about want is wrong with the government because you are not doing what you can do to change the government. Complaining changes nothing over time people getting out and voting will bring change.

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