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Monday, September 29, 2008

Helping a Friend

When you read the book of Acts so read about the early church helping people in need. I have always had a heart to help people in need. Most of the time, my help is in guiding them to another person, a ministry, or service that will best help them. Over the past few days I have been trying to help a friend from my high school days. I was in the band with my friend Josh. The past five years have been hard on Josh. Now Josh has no place to stay and no job. He is also going through changing his medicines.

Josh called me Friday asking if a could help him. With the help of my friend Ricky Gessler, I was able to get Josh a room at the hotel where I work. My boss, Scott, gave us a discounted rate for the room. I made sure he got something to eat and toke him around to different place to apply for jobs. While at the hotel Josh was able to relax a little and to focus on getting the long term help he needs. On Tuesday, Josh is going to go to the mission in Asheville to see if he can find work up there.

In helping people, you do not want to just give them money. You want to find want the need is and you take care of the need. In a lot of cases if you just give someone money who is asking for help they will take the money and use it for things that will not help with their problems. When people are it crisis mode they do not always make the best decisions. Often times need someone to guide them through this difficult time in their life. Set reasonable goals for the people you try to help. Give them something then tell them in order for them to get something else that will help them they need to reach this goal. As time goes on they will become less dependent of help of other and be able to help themselves.

Now back to my friend Josh, things truly do not look to good for him at this time. I do see a bright future for Josh. It may be a long hard road to that future but God has great things planned for Josh. I am willing to help when I can because I had people a long the way who encourage me to continue on even when I lost all hope. I hope you will join with me in praying for Josh.

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