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Monday, September 01, 2008

Healing Of Our Memories

The Brain is the center for registering sensations, correlating them with one another and with stored information, making decisions and taking actions. It is also the center for intellect, emotions, behaviors, and memory. Our memory is the one that receive, stores, and retrieve all the informations and experiences happened from the past. It was stored in our subconscious mind that are momentarily not present in consciousness but can more or less readily be recalled to awareness.

In our life, we had a lot of experiences whether good or bad, present or past that was stored from our memory. Sometimes the bad memories of our past serves as a way for us to fall into sin. We don’t even noticed that our heart already hate the person who hurt us. Yes, it is easy to say that we forgive those who hurt us but still the memories are just stored on our subconscious mind and everytime we recall that experience, we feel the anger and hatred in our heart. One Pastor said about the saying “Only time will heal the wound” is not true because only God can heal the wound of our past. Now is the time for us to ask God to heal the memories of our past. We need His help to forget all the bad experiences that we had and asked Him to retain only the good ones. We say we forgive but its hard to forget the things that cause our pain. It is true, it’s hard for us to forget but if we allow God to work in our lives, everything that is hard will become easier for us.

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