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Monday, August 25, 2008

Sugarmama's Flowers at Church

We at First Baptist Church Hendersonville, NC are very blessed to have a lady at we call Sugarmama. Sugarmama works with the youth and also cleans there church buildings. One thing Sugarmama does that I enjoy very much and it is a blessing to all who see it is her flowers in the courtyard of the church. She uses her own money for the flowers and works to take care of them. I hope the flower are a blessing to you as much as they are to me. I asked Sugarmama some questions about her flowers and here are her answers.

When did you start putting flowers in the courtyard at First Baptist Church?

About two years ago.

Why do you plant the flowers in the courtyard at First Baptist Church?

I enjoy flowers and the love the beautiful of them.

What do you do to take care of the flower?

Of course water them, and also prune them.

Does anyone help you with the flowers?


What flowers do you plant in the courtyard?

All kinds, a lot of color!

Do you have flowers other places around the church?


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