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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Storm Damage

This afternoon, I went on my weekly shopping trip to Traveler's Rest, South Carolina. There was I a storm going on at the time that I was heading down to the store. I decided to take Old US Hwy 25 through the Greenville Watershed on my way down. There was a lot of tree branches down in the road that I had to drive around to get through. There was no rain at the store but I could feel the down draft from the storm that was over the watershed. I decided to take Old US Hwy 25 on my way back home in order to take some pictures of the storm damage. One section of the road, people were already clearing the branches out of the road. As I went on up the road I found a section of road that had not been cleared already so I stopped and took some pictures. After, I took the pictures of the damage I did clear the branches out of the road. Two men stopped and helped me clear the road after the third picture.

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