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Monday, August 18, 2008

Part II: Standing Firm in the Middle of the Storm

This is the second part of my testimony. During those time that my faith was really burning for the Lord, trials come on our family. By January 28, 2005 when my Mom got stroke and the right side of her body was paralyzed. My Mom who really inspired me with her faith in God. She was very active on our Church and had a lot of responsibilities because of the positions she was holding at Church. She accepted whole heartedly what happened to her and she never question God why sufferings come her way. Despite of her situation, still the desire of her heart is to serve God and eventhough she was paralyzed she went at Church using her wheelchair. After two years, another trials come on us, it was also by the month of January year 2007 when my Mom was diagnosed to have Cholelithiasis (Gallbladder stone). She needs to undergo surgery to remove her gallbladder. Tears fall down my eyes as I watched her lying on the stretcher entering the Operating room. I feel very pity for her because she suffered a lot of diseases, besides from stroke she was also Diabetic, Hyperthyroidism and by that time she will go for surgery. After two hours, the doctor went out and said that the operation was successful. He told me that my Mom’s gallbladder was very inflammed and edematous. So biopsy was done and after 5 days the result went out. I was at work by the time I received a text from her doctor telling me that it was a bad news. I feel nervous and I suddenly replied and asked her about the bad news. Then she text me again with the result of biopsy and it was Adenocarcinoma of the Gallbladder. I cried and feel sad about it. I called at home to tell my Dad and the rest of the family except my Mom. I talked with different doctors and asked them about the best treatment for my Mom, but I got nothing. The Oncologist told me that chemotherapy was not possible and our family doctor said that it would be best if we do monitoring on my Mom’s abdomen through CT scan to check if there’s any changes happened inside. By March 31 and August 9 of same year we brought her at the hospital for CT Scan and the result was really good. But things changed within the last week of August. My Mom keeps on vomiting and we are on and off of the hospital. Until such time her doctor request for gastroscopy and there we found out that all the food she intake for the past few days are still there on her stomach. So another CT scan was done on Sept. 9 and it revealed an adhesion that blocked the passage of food and also found out that the cancer cells brought by her gallbladder was already metastasized on her liver. To make the story short she underwent another operation and the doctor told us that my Mom was dying in just 3-6 months. When I heard that, I don’t know what to do. I feel so sad and everyone of us was depressed by that time. It’s really hard to think that you are losing someone you love, but still God talked to me and told me that everything happens for His purpose. My Mom, eventhough she’s dying, you’ll never see in her face that she was sad. She always bear a smile on her face and told everyone who visited her that she is ready whenever God call her to go home. After a month of her operation, God called her home to a wonderful place where there is no pain and sufferings anymore. She is now rested in peace with the Lord. Our family encountered so many trials, but during the time we are on grieving, God is there to comfort us; by the time we are in need in terms of financia,l God poured out His blessings for us and He used people to help us. God is really good, He is always on our side and He never leaves us. Our family stand firm in the middle of the storm because we know that we have a big God which is greater than our problems. We truly feel His presence in times of troubles.

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