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Friday, August 01, 2008

Historic Henderson County Courthouse

This is the third of four post on Downtown Hendersonville, North Caolina. This one is on the Henderson County Historical Courthouse. This last will be on Hendersville's City Hall.

Build in 1902, the Henderson County Historical Courthouse was Henderson County's second courthouse and was build right behind the first which was teared down once the second was finished. This courthouse was use until 1993 when Henderson County open is new Courthouse on Grove Street. The old courthouse was recently renovated and now houses the Henderson County Heritage Museum and some county offices.

The Henderson County Historical Courthouse is on Main Street in Hendersonville, NC. Hendersonville is the county seat for Henderson County. On top the courthouse is the Statue of Justice, the Goddess Themis. Unlike most statue of Justice the one on top of the courthouse does not have I blindfold over her eye. I have been told this is one of only three with out a blindfold. I not sure how true that is.

Around the outside of the historical courthouse are memorials you those who served in the wars of the United States. These memorials are for all wars from the American Revolutionary War all the way through and including the current War of Terror. This is the memorial for the Vietnam War.
This is the memorial for the Korean War know as the Forgotten War.
This is the new courthouse on Grove Street. This where you go for court, file papers with Clerk of Court, pay local taxes, and other county business.

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