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Monday, August 11, 2008

“A Dream Come True”

I was so blessed with a wonderful story shared by our Pastor last August 03, 2008 on our worship service. It is a story of a father and son who had a dream to be a good basketball player. I will name the father as James and the son as John. The story goes like this:

One day James and John talked with each other. James shared to his son about his dream to be a basketball player during his teenage years but he was not able to achieve it. Because of James frustration, John wants to fulfill his father’s dream through his image. He is so eager to be a player, so he start practicing his skills on the said game. Until such time, the opportunity came when his school call for a tryout to be a varsity player, so he set his mind to undergo the tryout but sad to say he was rejected by the coach who conducted the tryout. John tried it for two times but still ignored. He feel sad but his father encouraged him not to give up but instead take it as a challenge and do more practice because he believe one day his son will be known as a most valuable player. For the third time, he tried again to go with the tryout and he was luckily chosen to be a player for his school. The game start and their school are going to compete with other school. For the past six games, John haven’t had a chance to play the game. He just always seat at the bench together with his father and watch their teammates who keep doing their best to win the game. The competition was best of 7 and each school got 3 win and 3 lose so it means there was still the last game and that is the championship. At this time, John went to their last game without his father on his side, he was so sad looking with his teammates who are inside the court and playing for their team. When the last quarter came, most of the players from their team had graduated and need someone to replaced them. John talked with his coach and asked if he could go inside and substitute one of his teammates. His coach let him play and while playing on the court he keeps on thinking about his father. He did his very best until the remaining seconds left came and still the other team got a 1 point difference from their score. John, who was holding the ball by that time shoot it and got a 3 points score which make their team won. His coach and teammates were very happy and they were all amazed with what John did on the court. Everyone are looking for his father who always go with him when they have a game, but John said that his father was not around because he already died this morning. They all feel sorry about what they heard and told John that if his father was there and watch his game, they are very sure that he is so proud of him. John said, eventhough his father was there he still wasn’t able to see his game because he was blind, but he is rest assured that he already give pleasure for his father because he fulfilled his dreams

In our lives, sometimes we lose hope and easily fall down because of circumstances happened to us. Like John, who motivated by his father strive harder and do his best to fulfill his dreams and his father’s dreams. His father haven’t see him but still he do his best to give pleasure for his father. We desire to bring pleasure for our parents and what more Our Father in Heaven who are longing and dreaming for the pleasure we can give Him. God knows every single detail of our lives, we cannot hide anything from Him. Now is the time for us to dedicate and offer our lives to God. The main purpose why we are here on earth is to give pleasure to the one who created us.

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