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Thursday, August 07, 2008

David's Testimony

I asked my friend, David form Kampala, Uganda to share his testimony here on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. David is working on coming to school in the United States, so he can go back to Uganda to be a blessing to his country and Africa. David has applied and is currently waiting to see if he got accepted to The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina. I will let you guys know here if he gets accepted. Please pray for David that Jesus will continue to provide many blessings for him.

My name is Kaganda David Businge, I live in Kampala, Uganda. I was born in 1985, in Kbarole District. I am an orphan, my father died when I was only 5 years old. I grow up with my mother and my grand mother who had no income to bring us up to adulthood. I wanted and loved to study and become a doctor, but since we had no money I went to a very weak village school but since I was off and on looking for school fees with my mother I could not work to get government to pay for me at the secondary level.

The journey of my life has been so hard and so complicated for me. My life was so screwed up. I'm talking about family and education. I was in severe pain. I had tears of frustration running down my face not knowing what to do and at this point I had given up on everything not sure if God ever existed, because I had prayed and prayed to get someone to help me and get into school but all my prayers where in vain an I said, "Its just not worth it anymore if all you do is hurt me emotionally and physically. That was what I was telling God in my prayers. Then in October 2002, I started listening to Gospel Music and God spoke to my heart saying "David, you should go to Church." I told myself a life not worth living happiness never lasts and my heart is forgiving something different story my life's the only thing I'm destroying.

In 2003, I met a younger boy who told me about Christ Jesus and at the end of our story he said to me, "Its OK, I know how you feel, but I promise you that if you can just hold on a little longer God will see you through and there will be a brighter day. If you ever feel alone and like you don't have any friends I want you to know hat I will be your friend!!!" Then the next Sunday, I gave my life to Jesus. That was in July 2003. Glory be to God. Things did not go as well at first as I thought but as I came to know Christ and read my bible life started to make sense..and i had a feeling that even if am not in school now some day soon I will be in school. In 2004, I mate a good Samaritan who decided to pay for my fees for one full year so that u can get to go back to school. I applied to Kololo Senior Secondary School and I was given a place there. Where I sat for my Final Uganda certificate of education U.C.E. Thank God when results come out in March 2005, I passed well and I had good credits. The devil came to steal kill and destroy, the person who was paying for my fees died. Some how I was back to my old life and did not join any institution or college. This time I had Jesus and I strongly believe that he is more than able to do what ever I need in his name.

I thank God that although I went through a lot and I am still going through a lot he was able to rescue me I have never had or taken any drugs or even drinking any kind of alcohol as a away to forget my problems.

I thank the Lord for giving me friends, who really care and are there to guide me and help whenever I need them. These friends are:

1. Bishop Ball Rick and his family from Illinois
2. Daniel from North Carolina
3. Wilbroad Kokundwe of Kampala, Uganda
4. Richard K of Kampala, Uganda
5. My pastor PS Derrly Woodson
6. My church VCC Ntinda

These people have done a lot in my life. I pray may the Lord God reward Them and bless them because they are always there whenever I need them. For God who loves me so much. Stay bless all people. Who will read this.

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Anonymous said...

We pray for you team Symbioses Pretoria South Africa church: The Dore. We pray for spiritual protection and God's provision in your life in Jesus Name! Be blessed man. We struggle too sometimes. The devil is afraid of revival in South Africa. Pray for us. Jesus bless ya. Good Luck. JJ