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Monday, August 04, 2008

Carl Sandburg Home, Part 1

Carl Sandburg and his family moved to Flat Rock, North Carolina in 1945. After his death in 1967, his wife donated the house and property to the National Park Service. The Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site opened in 1968. I enjoy visiting the park ,walking the trails and seeing the goats. This is the first of three entries on Carl Sandburg home. This first one is on the thing you see at the site other then the house and barn. The second will be on the house and the third will be on the barn and goats of Mrs. Sandburg. Their home was called Connemara.

This is the sign at the entrance of Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site in Flat Rock, North Carolina. Just a few minutes from Downtown Hendersonville, North Carolina.

This is the front lake which the house overlooks. There is a nice walking trail around the lake. My favorite trail to walk at Connemara is the trail to the top of Glassy Mountain. I did not have the time to go to the top the day I took these pictures. Maybe someday I will go again and take a picture of the view from the top of Glassy Mountain and post it here for you guys.

This is the house at Connemara. The Sandburgs lived in this house from 1945 until 1967. Part 2 of this series of entries will have more about the house.

This is a stage next to the house where the Vagabond Players from the Flat Rock Playhouse act out some of Carl Sandburg's Rootabaga Stories during the summer months. The Flat Rock Playhouse is across the road from the entrance from the parking lot of Carl Sandburg's Home. It is the State Theatre of North Carolina.

Some sunflowers in a garden near the barn.

The garage by the barn.

This 1967 Willys Jeep, it was the only vehicle at Connemara in Carl Sandburg's name. It was a gift for his help on the movie script for The Greatest Story Ever Told.

This is a 1951 Ford Tractor and a manure spreader, which the Sandburgs used to do the work around the farm.

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