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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Want to be Good, But I Cannot Do It

Isaiah 33:15-16

Easier said than done. It was the message of the Lord that I heard this morning at Church. Why is it hard for us to be good? Yes, it is easy to say we want to be good but still sometimes we lose the battle. We are losers of the fight because we didn’t allow God to control our lives. Prophet Isaiah wrote some guidelines on how we can live being a good person. First, we must remember we need spiritual food to make us strong and that is by reading God’s word day and night, and by going to Church having fellowship with other believers. Second, we cannot live by our own strength but by the strength that comes from God. Third, we must remember that in all hindrances, God’s power is at work. Fourth, God’s power is manifested in the life of a faithful believer.
Those who walk righteously and speaks what is right will be saved. It is not hard to be good if God is in our heart and controls our life. God said, it is not by our might nor by our power, but through His spirit that give us strength and make us good. Let’s ask God’s help to make us a kind of person He want us to be.

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