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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

God Will Make a Way

Job 42:2

Way back year 1991, when my cousin at the age of 1 year old was hospitalized due to vomiting. Diagnostic procedures and series of laboratory exams were done and he was diagnosed to have Intestinal Obstruction. The doctor told my aunt that my cousin needs to undergo surgery to remove that blockage that obstructs inside his intestine. Everyone of us are worried because we don’t know what will be the outcome after the surgery. An hour before the said operation was scheduled, my Mom asked everyone of us to join her in prayer and ask the Lord’s leading for my cousin. She lead the prayer and all of us are in tears. In my Mom’s prayer she ask the Lord’s healing touch for my cousin. After our prayer, my aunt decided not to do the surgery but instead she requested for another view of the intestine through ultrasound to check and make sure if there’s still an obstruction. After the ultrasound, all of us were amazed when the Doctor told us that the result was already cleared, no more obstruction seen and all is doing good inside his intestine. We cried because of the joy we felt in our heart and we kneel in prayer to thank God because He make a way for my cousin not to undergo surgery at his very young age. God is so good. He makes a provision for things to get done the way He wants them done. Our job is to pray, to follow His leading, and to trust Him with the results. If He wants it done, God wil make a way.

God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way,
He works in ways we cannot see,
He will make a way for me. ----- Don Moen

God Is Greater Than Our Greatest Problem.

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