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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Enjoying a Walk to the Mailbox

This morning I walked out to the mailbox to check the mail. I just enjoyed the gifts that God put along the drive way to the mailbox.

I am excited to say that the Blackberries are become ripe at this time. As I picked and eat a few it brought back memories of the Blackberry bushes near my house when I was a child. There was I big patch of Blackberries just down the road from my grandparents' house that my family and I used to go pick blackberries when they became ripe. Oh what happy memories. We would pick a bowl full and eat them. I enjoy the taste. Not only did we eat them by themselves but we made blackberry pancakes and put them on top waffles. Here are some recipes that you can make with blackberries. Blackberries grow in the wild and there are many places you came pick them as you are walking along in the area here.

A common flower I saw in the yard in bloom is the Honeysuckle. The Honeysuckle is a vine that was a flower that you can pick and suck on the end. It taste like honey. This is the Common Honeysuckle, European Honeysuckle or Woodbine (Lonicera periclymenum) which is the most common honeysuckle vine in Western North Carolina. You can also see the Orange Honeysuckle or Western Trumpet Honeysuckle (Lonicera ciliosa) in the area. Both are commonly found along side the roads and in peoples' yards.

These are wild flower you commonly see called Oxyeye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare). I think they are very pretty flowers even if people consider them a weed. There is is nothing like walking into a field full of daisies. Girls like to put daisies in their hair. I have seen people make necklaces out of them too.

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