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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dream Home Ideas

Everyone has a dream home in their mind. What they would like to have in it and around it. In my travels in everyday life and out on the road on vacation I look for ideas of things that I would like in my dream home. I decided to take the following pictures after talking with my beloved, Jo Anne, about our dream home. These are pictures are from the Mountain Lodge in Flat Rock, North Carolina. Their hotel has a few features that I would love to have in my dream home.

Every house should have a great entrance that sets the tone of the home. I would like my dream home to be a place to relax and leave the worries of the rest of the world. I love the landscaping around the entrance here with the path up to the roof covered the entry way.

There is just something about nice wood double doors that says welcome home.

In my dream home, I would like to have a beautiful fireplace like this one to sit and relax with some friends or my family. I can see myself talking or playing games with them in this setting. I also would like to have so nice artwork through out the house.

I know this picture is a little dark but I would love to have a library in my dream home. I really like this setup here with the book shelf and the chairs. Except, I plan on my library to be a whole room full of books, music, and movies.

Hey, what dream home is not complete without a swimming pool. I would like an indoor and an outdoor pool in my dream home.

I would like to have a garden in my yard with a waterfall and native plants. That would be another great place to find relaxation.

Here is a picture of the front of the Mountain Lodge. They have a beautiful hotel and a friendly staff.

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