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Monday, June 30, 2008


Acts 9:36-43

Heartprints is somewhat like a fingerprints. It is the identity we leave on everything we touch. In our modern technology now, there are some stores that allow customers to pay by fingerprint. Each customer’s unique print are kept on file so that the only thing needed to pay a bill is a scan of their finger.

In the Bible, one woman in the early church left another kind of print - a "Heartprint". Her name was Dorcas, she touched many people’s lives through her unique gift of sewing and giving away garments. A woman that is full of good works and charitable deeds. Each of us must have a unique heartprint that can touch another; an eagerness to do what is good. Wherever we may go, let us leave a heartprint of compassion, understanding, kindness and love to the people who surrounds us. People with a heart for God, have a heart for people. We don’t even know that in a simple thing we do for others, we already leaving a heartprint on them.

This entry is by my girlfriend Jo Anne Hipolito.

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