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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Things First

How we set our priorities (Haggai 1 & 2)

For the past four Sundays in our church, our Pastor preach about the book of “Haggai”, a prophet whose name probably came from a word for “festival”. The key phrase of Haggai’s prophecies is “Consider your ways” or “Consider”. The purpose of God’s messages to the Judean leadership and people, therefore, was to awaken them to spiritual responsibilities. The unifying message was: “Today gives no key to what God will do tomorrow”. God’s fulfillment of His promises cannot be judged by appearances.

First Message: A Call to Build the House of the Lord

The Word of the Lord revealed the procrastination of the people. God’s temple had not been completed because His people had determined for themselves that “the time is not come”. The energies and finances of God’s people had been channeled selfishly into their own homes. They were to give attention to their own condition spiritually and materially; the Lord Almighty says “Consider how you have fared”. Poverty is the result of God’s chastisement for their sins. The blessings of God had been withdrawn in accord of His covenant. The response of the leaders and the people was encouraging. The resumption of the construction of the temple was a definite manifestation of belief in the Word of God.

Second Message: The Promised Glory of the New House

The second message continued the note of encouragement. It was similar to Ezra’s claim that “the eye of their God was upon the elders of the Jews”. The Lord not only sees His servants needs, but also sends relief and encouragement. The glory of His present house will be greater than the glory of the former house. God will also grant peace in His kingdom at the time of this future glorious temple.

Third Message: Blessings for a Defiled People

This time exhortation would be the theme. By reviving the memory of past disobedience and chastisement, God was exhorting the Jews to constantly “consider” the consequences of disobedience. It was a reminder of the blessing of God upon the obedient.

Fourth Message: Zerubbabel the Lord’s Signet Ring

Zerubbabel was appointed “as a signet” by God. A signet was a personal cylinder or ring seal with which men demonstrated their authority and the authenticity of their signature. God’s appointment of Zerubbabel as a “signet” therefore, meant that Zerubbabel would be God’s seal of authority.

“First things First” things that matters most in our life. Are we like those people on the book of Haggai who prioritized things that set for our own sake and forget our God who keeps on waiting for us? Many people value their work above else just to sustain the financial needs of their family. They strive harder and work even on Sunday as their overtime, but in the end, still they are not yet contented to what they earned. The money they have is still insufficient to supply their needs, one reason I see , its because the most important part in their lives is lacking and that is giving God the highest priority in their lives. God promise, “He will never leave His children empty and He will supply everything we need” if we obey Him. God is always faithful to His promise.

God is waiting for us and longing for our time. My beloved friends, what are you waiting for? Come to His house and worship our God.

This entry is by my girlfriend: Jo Anne Hipolito

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