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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Change in Washington?

Every election season, I hear the people running for office saying it is time for change. I believe the biggest change we need is in the people running to be the leaders of our country it is time for them to stop putting our great country down. Many of the ones calling for change have been in office long enough to start the change they have been talking about. Why should we keep them in office if they have not been able to change any thing yet? They just keep talking about change. How about talking about how great the country is and how we can make it even better? The United States is the best country in the world. Yes there are things that we need to improved upon but I want to see our leaders start to lead not just talk about change. Lets us see some the change they say we need.

I am tired of these people who talk about how great each and each a country is compared to the United States. If that country is so much better then the United States then move there. Many of you have the money to move and live their. Maybe they are still here because they know the other countries would not let then speak so badly about their country. Thank God for the United States where we have freedom of speech even if we misuse that freedom. And if the United States, is as bad as so many of these people say then why do so many people come here to learn, work, and live?

It is time that we demand our leaders to show the change they keep talking about. We need to stop complaining and get out there and vote for the people who will lead us to improving this great country. I fully believe if you do not vote in the elections you lose your right to complain about the things the government does. We are the best country in the world and I would like for us to stay that way. Lets help the rest of the world improve the lives of their people. If you want to know I have voted in almost all elections that I was able to vote in since became old enough to vote. How about you? Change is not going to start in Washington, DC, it need to start in our own homes.

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