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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Discovering the First Settlers of Greenville County, SC

Yesterday as I went out to do my shopping for the house I decided to try fulfill some Photo Requests on There were two Photo Requests for cemeteries that were on the way to the store. I did not find the graves that I was looking for to take a picture of at either of the cemeteries in order to fulfill the requests but I did find some interesting graves to me. This is one paid off I get besides helping someone with their family history. I found out some history of Greenville County that I did not know before. In the creation of the North Saluda Reservoir, which I live above in North Carolina, some graves were moved to the Tyger Baptist Church cemetery in Tygerville, SC. The original site of the graves are now covered by the water of the North Saluda Reservoir which is one of the places the City of Greenville, SC gets its water supply. These graves include Alexander McKinney and his family and 14 unknown graves. They were re interred a few mile away in cemetery of Tyger Baptist Church on June 24, 1957.

Some of the other graves in this cemetery include Revolutionary War Veterans and some of the first settlers of Greenville County. Many of the graves are only marked by field stones or by head stones that the writing has faded away long ago. The people buried there have seen and been apart of the great history of the United States from the begin to the present day.

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