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Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Love Story

I have a girlfriend now and she makes me so happy. I found her in a place that I was not looking and when I stopped looking for a girlfriend. Her name is Jo Anne Hipolito and she is from the Philippines. Jo Anne and I decided to share our story with you on my blog. While here is our love story.

Jo Anne and I met in a chatroom on Yahoo! Chat. Jo Anne sent me a PM and my heart said to answer it. I only answer maybe ten percent of PMs from people I do not know Dan the Mountain Mansince most are just wanting money or are just plan rude. A chatroom is not the place to ask for money. Jo Anne and I quickly formed to strong friendship with our faith in Jesus at the base. We were not looking to become boyfriend and girlfriend. We just enjoyed talking with one another and being friends. Jo Anne had a boyfriend but it was not working out between them. The girls that I was interested in were not interested in me. I decided to take a break from trying to date. I felt God moving in my heart that Jo Anne was the one for me. After praying and talking with Jo Anne for several days I decided to ask her to be my girlfriend. Once I ask Jo Anne to be my girlfriend I found a peace and a joy that I have been looking for. Jo Anne and I have committed our relationship to God and decided to make Jesus the center of it. We pray together everyday. This has already proved to be a blessing to us both.

Jo Anne's Side of Our Story

A wonderful Love Story:


Our story is quite unusual. It started in January of 2008 when I come online and went into Yahoo! Christian Chatroom 19. This was the first time that I came back into the chatrooms after many trials that my family had been through. I am hesitant to PM the chatters who were in room 19 because I had a fear that they would ignore me because I am from the Philippines. I also know that not all the people who come into Christian chatrooms are real Christians, some only pretend that they are believers. Jo Anne HipolitoBut I think, God gave me the courage to send a PM to one of the guys in the chatroom. I said hi to him and I'm so thankful that he gave me a response in return. The wonderful story begins there. I am happy to know Daniel, a true Christian and Godly man who keeps his faith burning to the Lord. We started exchanging some questions about ourselves to better know each other better. Our friendship began and we feel joy and peace in our hearts every time we talk. We talked about our past experiences in life and there we found out that we have some common stories of our past. He shared with me about the girls he liked where he lived. During that time, I had a boyfriend whom I met also in a Christian chatroom but our relationship was not working well because of miscommunication. I feel blessed that I met Daniel because he gives me encouragement and makes me feel happy when I feel so sad. Likewise, he says that I am also a blessing to him because I am always there when he is feeling sad. Days gone by and we keep in touch through emails and chat. We did not expect that God had a reason why he brought us together in chat. After more then a month of continues conversation, we both felt God was moving in our hearts. I thought before that I am not the one for Daniel, one reason because of the distance between us. Plus, Daniel told me from the start that he did not want a long distance relationship because it would not work well. The other thing, I thought that I am not the one who will makes him happy because of the feelings he had for another girl where he lives. I remember, one day it was February 23, 2008 when I got a text from him thou SMS saying that he had feelings for me. I felt happy but still I was confused. On that same day we talk also on chat about the feelings we have for each other but we decided to remain friends. We believe God was talking with us. We did not talk on the following day and all of a sudden things changed between us. By February 25, 2008, when He asked me to be his girlfriend. I did not think twice and I said Yes. Our relationship started there. We both commit our plans to the Lord and we give all praises and glory unto Him for what He has done for us. God is the center of our relationship and we decided to have our prayer time everyday. Talking to the Lord together makes us stronger. The Lord is good and his plan is always perfect and always on time. We thank God for the true joy and happiness he has given us, nothing more we could ask because we are contented and complete now. I thank the Lord personally for letting me know Daniel and be a part of his life. God already answered my prayers when he brought Daniel in my life. To God be the glory. We will serve the Lord together for the rest of our lives.

"When God Made You" sung by Newsong & Natalie Grant is our song and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Lhen said...

though some people may say that online love stories will never have a happy ending, i believe otherwise. take it from me! :) now, the next step is for you to meet each other...then everything will be wonderful! goodluck to both of you! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE CAN HAPPEN ANY WHERE AND WHERE GOD WILL ALOW IT.Bill and i met in chat like joann and Daniel did and and now Bill and i have been married now for 3 years so yes internet love can happen.Your not only my best friend but your my sister and i want you to always be happy..I wish you and Daniel the best....