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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Walk to the top of Corbin Mountain

February 5, 2008 was such a petty day I decided to take Rayna my dog for a walk to the top of Corbin Mountain. Corbin is the mountain on the back side of the land I live on and it is a nice walk to the top. Corbin sits on the state-line of North Carolina and South Carolina. There is a fire-tower, old ranger house, and cell tower on the top and not to say anything about the view of Upstate South Carolina. Below are some pictures that I took while on the walk to the top of Corbin Mountain.


Sam Baines said...

This was my Grandmother's fire tower for 45 years. I spent a few nice summers there.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Sam Baines ~ It is a beautiful place up on top on the mountain.

Sam Baines said...

My Grandfather James his wife Willie loved it up there. The cabin was headed by a wood stove and they had a nice garden. I miss that place. If you have any pictures that would be great. I'm curious if the tower is still standing. I spent a lot of time up there spotting when I was a kid.

My family and I live in Italy now and I don't get back often.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Sam Baines ~ The only pictures I have are the ones on the post.