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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Okay for all of you who like YouTube I got a another site for you. I was listening the the John Tesh show the other night on the way to work the other night he said some about check out a video on God Tube. I have been checking the site out for the last few days. The video on this site are Christian related video. God Tube does not limit the time of the video to ten minutes like YouTube does. I found at least one video that was thirty minutes long.

Here are some samples of videos on God Tube:

Rapture - End Times

Oh Happy Day/ I've Found Jesus

This video is from the 2006 NC Apple Festival in Hendersonville, NC. The band is named Zealous Core and its members are my friends the Gesslers.

Southpaw - Baby Got Book (Official Music Video)

This music video is funny.

I hope you enjoy God Tube. Please leave me some comments to tell me want you think of the site.

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