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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gus Meets and Puppies

This morning when I went out to feed the dogs, the puppies were out running around exploring the world. I took my camera with me to take pictures as I feed the dogs. After I made sure all the dogs got something to eat I decided to let Gus have sometime to play with the puppies. All enjoyed the time getting to know one another. If you want one of the puppies please let me know. I have to give they away in the few weeks. They are Free to a good home.

Yum Breakfast Yum Breakfast

Move over I want some!Move over I want some!

The first 'Hello!'The first 'Hello!'

Checking one another out. Checking one another out.

Mom watching over her puppies. Mom watching over her puppies.

All enjoying being together.All enjoying being together.

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