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Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 in Review

This year has been a great year for me. I have looked up the goals that I set for myself for 2007 and achieved two of the three goals.

My first goal was to work harder on getting out of debt. I have got in the habit of making a Cash Flow Plan for every month. I am getting better at making one that works. I have also managed to tithe on every paycheck and put some money into savings for a emergencies. I got two debts paid off in 2007. I am close to getting two more debt knocked out of the way.

My second goal was to making to more friends to hang out with during my time off from work. I have become good friends with Brandee. I when to high school with Brandee and met her again as I was working for Manpower at a local plant. I also made several friend through Yahoo! Christian Chat Rooms. I have a group of friends that we get together in the chat room every night we can to talk and encourage one another. I am meeting at least once a week with my friend Keith. Keith and I are accountability partners. Keith is also a mentor for me to since he is older then me. I get so much out of these new friendships and I hope my friend get as much out of my friendship.

My third goal, I hate to say I did not come close to achieving. That goal was was to get my weight down to 195 lbs. While I gained weight instead of losing weight. I guess I have to try in 2008. I look and feel great.

God has bless me a great deal in 2007. I am ending the year with a job that I love to show up to work. I am starting to feel the freedom of having my money under control. I taking trips to Atlanta, Ga and Alabama with my friends Jonathan and Will. One of my friends that I met online is David from Africa. David is trying to come to the United States to go to school. I am try to help him out a little with a place to stay while he gets everything ready for school. I am excited to see what blessing the Lord has in store for me in 2008.

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