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Monday, December 31, 2007

My Goals for 2008

I do not make New Year Resolutions because no one follows through with them. I do take the time to make same goals that I want to achieve for the year. Okay your saying goals are the same as resolution. Resolutions are made to improve on something in ones life. I make goals to set a mark to work too or surpass. I always making goal for myself to reach.

I have five goals for the year 2008. My first goal is to get my weight down to 200 lbs. This means I will have to lose 20 lbs. My second is to have two more debts paid off this year. One of these debts will be to pay my car off. Once I get my car paid off I should be able to take care of the rest of my debt petty quickly. The third goal for 2008 is to take two trips this year without new debt. I already have a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina planned with my friends in the fall. My Forth goal is to come up with a plan for starting my own business. I always wanted to own my own store. I am finally getting to the point in my life that I have the money and resources to start my business. Goal number five is to pray everyday for my friends and family that they come to know Jesus or have a closer relationship with him.

I hope God blesses all my friends and family a great deal in 2008. May you all have a Happy New Year.

2007 in Review

This year has been a great year for me. I have looked up the goals that I set for myself for 2007 and achieved two of the three goals.

My first goal was to work harder on getting out of debt. I have got in the habit of making a Cash Flow Plan for every month. I am getting better at making one that works. I have also managed to tithe on every paycheck and put some money into savings for a emergencies. I got two debts paid off in 2007. I am close to getting two more debt knocked out of the way.

My second goal was to making to more friends to hang out with during my time off from work. I have become good friends with Brandee. I when to high school with Brandee and met her again as I was working for Manpower at a local plant. I also made several friend through Yahoo! Christian Chat Rooms. I have a group of friends that we get together in the chat room every night we can to talk and encourage one another. I am meeting at least once a week with my friend Keith. Keith and I are accountability partners. Keith is also a mentor for me to since he is older then me. I get so much out of these new friendships and I hope my friend get as much out of my friendship.

My third goal, I hate to say I did not come close to achieving. That goal was was to get my weight down to 195 lbs. While I gained weight instead of losing weight. I guess I have to try in 2008. I look and feel great.

God has bless me a great deal in 2007. I am ending the year with a job that I love to show up to work. I am starting to feel the freedom of having my money under control. I taking trips to Atlanta, Ga and Alabama with my friends Jonathan and Will. One of my friends that I met online is David from Africa. David is trying to come to the United States to go to school. I am try to help him out a little with a place to stay while he gets everything ready for school. I am excited to see what blessing the Lord has in store for me in 2008.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rayna's Puppies Exploxer the World

When I woke up today I heard the puppies making a lot of noise from a different place. I got up and dress and ran out the door to see what was going on. Rayna and the puppies met halfway to the back side of the trailer. Seeing the puppies were alright I went back inside to get my camera and some food for Rayna and the puppies. Enjoy the pictures.

BFT: To Protect and Serve Tough

I am not a fan of Ford products but I think this website is so funny I had to share it. If you like the show Reno 911 you will love this site. The tough they are talking about is the toughness of the Ford (Found On Road Dead) truck.

I tried to embed one of the video on my Blog and like Ford Products is did not work that good. Enjoy the website of BFT: To Protect and Serve Tough, I sure did.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Picture Update of Rayna's Puppies

Tonight I got a chance to get under the house where the puppies are and took some more pictures. They have double in size since the last time I took pictures of them. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

All together now
All together now

How cute!
How cute!

It's dark in here!It's dark in here!

Surrounded with Love!Surrounded with Love!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Changing my Blogs Name to Mountain Highs and Valley Lows

I have decided to change the name of my Blog to Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. I wanted a more eye catching title for my Blog. Several years ago, I had an e-newsletter that I used for the same purpose as I do with this Blog by the same name. That purpose is to keep my friends up to date with what is going on in my life. I picked the name of Mountain Highs and Valley Lows for several reasons. One as you guess is that I live in the Mountains of Western North Carolina and I am surrounded by mountains and valleys. And as with the mountains and valleys if you really look at life all at once, life is just as wonderful as the mountains and valleys that I live in here in Western North Carolina. One of the other main reasons I picked the name is the symbolism of the mountain highs and valley lows of life. As we all know, we have up and down times in our lives. The high parts of our lives are often called Mountain Tops. While the lows points in our lives are sometimes called Life's Valleys.

With the name change, I will still be writing about whats going on in my life, sharing links to great websites that I come across and other interesting things I would like to share with the world. I hope to be posting entries on a more regular bases as while.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas With a Capital "C"

I find out about this video thou my Sunday School class' e-mail tonight. It is great video on YouTube about we should not be scared to say Merry Christmas to someone instead of Happy Holidays.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Earthquake Hazards Program

Earthquake Hazards Program's website is a great resource for information on earthquakes. The Earthquake Hazards Program is part of the U.S. Geological Survey. The site as click able maps of earthquake locations all over the world. Click on a earthquake location you can find out information about the earthquake that happened there. Some of the information you will find is the location, date and time, magnitude, and depth of the earthquake. That site explained what magnitude of a earthquake is and gives history of earthquakes as while as all kinds of other information on earthquakes. You can get a feed for this web site on My Yahoo!. To add the modules to My Yahoo! click on Personalize this Page then Add Modules. The feed module is in the sub category Earth Sciences under Science.

Updates to my Blog

I have added feed to my Blog. I used a service called FeedBurner to setup the feed. You can now have my Blog on your My Yahoo and My Google Pages. You can get a podcast and e-mail feeds of my blog.

Okay I really just put the feeds on the Blog have something to add on my Blog. It would be nice to see if people other then me sign up to get a feed of my Blog. Surprise me and sign up for a feed. If you use another service that lets you have feeds and it is not on the list on the side e-mail me and I work on adding a feed for that service. Thanks for reading my Blog.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Rayna and Her Puppies

Last Friday morning my dog Rayna have puppies. They are so cute! She have seven puppies but unfortunately one did not make it. While that makes six puppies I have to find homes for when they are old enough to live without thier mother. They still are under the house where Rayna had them but I think Rayna is looking for another place to move them. Okay enough talk here are some picture from this past week.

Rayna and puppies on the First Day.

Mother's Love

It is warm here with mom!

Here the puppies today by themselves.

I will do my best to post more pictures as the puppies grow and leave. I will miss the puppies when they leave but I do not have the resource to care for them. The Puppies are Free to a good home.