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Friday, November 09, 2007

Gift of Friendship

I have two friends who's birthdays are tomorrow. I gave them their gifts and cards today. The one friend I got a pen for her gift. She collects pens so it is easy to get her a gift. The other friend is a little harder because I am her best friend and I have feeling for her. She has a boy friend and I am looking for other girls if anyone is interested. Ok, back to the subject at hand. I got a big box and found some Bible verses, quotes, and two poems about friendship. I printed the Bible verses, quotes, and poems off my computer and tape them inside the box with a note that read "I give you the gift of friendship the more of this gift you give back the bigger treasure my gift becomes." Then I wrap the box in some birthday gift wrap and put a bow on top with the card. I took it to where she works give it to her. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the box. When she opened the box I do not think she understood what the gift was at first. I explain it a little and help her get the papers out of the box. She put the Bible verses, quotes, and two poems with the card and put the box to be recycled. Then I left to get the other friend her gift who also works with her. When I give my other friend her gift she said that the other friend was talking about my gift. I love to do special things for my friends and do things all the time for my friends. I do it because that is what I believe friend should do for their friends. I love to see my friends smile and they both smile today.

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