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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Improving Ones Life

Over the past year, I have been working hard on different things to improve my life. In 2006, I lost 40 pounds and changed how I eat and exercise. I also have been working on my shyness by trying to make and going out with new friends. I have failed at somethings when in comes to friends but we can not learn if we do not fail. I am looking at were I failed and trying to see what I need to work on. Some of the things I need to work on in the social thing is knowing when to let things go, learn to listen to my friend better (what they said may be different then what they are saying) and I need to learn when to keep my mouth closed. I hope that what I failed at has only hurt the friendships for a short time and not destroy them. I know if I can repair the hurt my friendship will be stronger then it was before.

I also have started looking for a better paying job. I enjoy working where I work but it is not helping me to get where God wants me to be for the next chapter of my life. I am working on being more responsible with the money God entrust me with in my life. My financial goals are to get out of debt, having money saved up for emergencies, and to honor God with the money.

In the past week, I have realized that in making some of the changes to my life I have forgotten my first love. I have been working on reading the Bible everyday this week. I need to look at the reasons I am praying for the things I am praying for during my quiet time. Am I praying for them to honor God or to honor me? The biggest thing I need to do is let everything go and let God take care of it. He has not failed me yet in my life. It is when I try to take care of thing on my own when I fail. So if you could pray for me as I continue to work on improving my life.