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Monday, January 15, 2007

A Night of Fun with Friends

I have been feeling a little down lately with all it cloudy weather. My friend Ben at work saw that I was depressed yesterday when stopped to get breakfast at work before going to church. He asked if I would like to go shot pool with him and his wife and some of his friends last night. I told him I would go with he since I like to play pool but do not play very much. Since leaving college about nine years I only played pool once with Amber. I did leave out that I am a petty good pool player. We all had a great time at the Corner Pocket in downtown Hendersonville. I met a girl name Jay Jay that Ben is trying to set me up with. She is cute but I just going to be friends with her for now. If something happens it happens.

When I got home Will and I when for a walk. I love living in the middle of no where it makes for nice quite walks. After the walk Will and I hung out and watched TV at his house for awhile. For the prefect end of the day Amber called me and we talked for over a hour. I love talking with Amber and she is one of a few people I willing talk to on the phone for more that five minutes.

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