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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

It feels like yesterday the year 2006 started and now we are in the year 2007. First I like to say am sorry for not post on my blog. I had problem getting Blogger's web site to load for the last few weeks cause by the URL saved in my favorites being the beta URL. I have the problem fixed now.

I hope that 2007 goes great for everyone. For me if it is a little better then 2006 it will be a great year. In 2006, I found myself with a girlfriend for the first time in nine years. I lost over 40 pounds. I also received several pay raises at work. I failed to get into the Army and get a promotion at work for the same reason. I am disappointed but for depress about them. Yes, I have come out of the year 2006 with a new look on life. I have broken out of my depression and I am working on my shyness. In working on my shyness I have come up with I new best friend Amber. I with all these thing in happening in 2006, I feel than 2007 is going to be a great year.

My goals for 2007 are the following. I going to work hard on getting out of debt. I going to work on making at least two friends that I hung out with in my time off from work. I going to get my weight down to 195 pounds and eat healthier.

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