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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Genealogy Questions Answered

I have been looking for the town my great grandfather James Henry Peirce was born. My search started with his obituary that said he was born in Clinton Mine, Michigan. I search the map of Michigan found no Clinton Mine on it. Post a message on a genealogy message board asking about Clinton Mine no one knew about a town named Clinton Mine. I put my search on the back burner for a while to research other family tree information. I got Family Tree Maker, a genealogy computer program, and with the program I got a free year subscription to I used to found my great grandfather on a couple of United States Census. On the 1930 Census in New Jersey I found his Brother Hugh listed with my Great Grandfather and family. With this new information I started to look for Clinton Mine again. With his brother's, father's and mother's names I was able to find my great grandfather on the 1880 United States in Keweenaw County in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. With a county to refer to I posted another message on a genealogy message board. On Tuesday Morning someone replied to my post. The person who wrote the post said there was a Ciff Mine in Keweenaw County and the town of Clifton, Michigan was the town for the mine. I did some more research and I found information to cofirm that Clifton, Michigan was the town great grandfather was born. Clifton is a ghost town today. I hope to one day to make a trip up to the old copper mine town. I researching the town I have come across more infromation on my family. I suggest reseaching old family stories and looking for the towns and other places your family lived. I have found tons of information by researching these things.

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