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Friday, January 26, 2007

Money from Heaven

Wednesday was a great day with money for me. I pick up loose change at work and other places and put it with the coin change I get from purchases. I took my change I collected to the Credit Union where I do my banking put in the coin machine. I checking the coin return putted out about twenty wheat pennies. Then I went to a car wash to clean my car. First I vacuumed the car out. Before I left the vacuum I walk around the vacuums and found three cents on the other side. I pull the car over to wash the dirt off on the outside. I got out of the car looked down at the ground and found a ten dollar bill. I used the ten to get something special for someone special. I picked up 45 cents today at work. God is so good I thank him for this money from heaven.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Genealogy Questions Answered

I have been looking for the town my great grandfather James Henry Peirce was born. My search started with his obituary that said he was born in Clinton Mine, Michigan. I search the map of Michigan found no Clinton Mine on it. Post a message on a genealogy message board asking about Clinton Mine no one knew about a town named Clinton Mine. I put my search on the back burner for a while to research other family tree information. I got Family Tree Maker, a genealogy computer program, and with the program I got a free year subscription to I used to found my great grandfather on a couple of United States Census. On the 1930 Census in New Jersey I found his Brother Hugh listed with my Great Grandfather and family. With this new information I started to look for Clinton Mine again. With his brother's, father's and mother's names I was able to find my great grandfather on the 1880 United States in Keweenaw County in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. With a county to refer to I posted another message on a genealogy message board. On Tuesday Morning someone replied to my post. The person who wrote the post said there was a Ciff Mine in Keweenaw County and the town of Clifton, Michigan was the town for the mine. I did some more research and I found information to cofirm that Clifton, Michigan was the town great grandfather was born. Clifton is a ghost town today. I hope to one day to make a trip up to the old copper mine town. I researching the town I have come across more infromation on my family. I suggest reseaching old family stories and looking for the towns and other places your family lived. I have found tons of information by researching these things.

Monday, January 15, 2007

A Night of Fun with Friends

I have been feeling a little down lately with all it cloudy weather. My friend Ben at work saw that I was depressed yesterday when stopped to get breakfast at work before going to church. He asked if I would like to go shot pool with him and his wife and some of his friends last night. I told him I would go with he since I like to play pool but do not play very much. Since leaving college about nine years I only played pool once with Amber. I did leave out that I am a petty good pool player. We all had a great time at the Corner Pocket in downtown Hendersonville. I met a girl name Jay Jay that Ben is trying to set me up with. She is cute but I just going to be friends with her for now. If something happens it happens.

When I got home Will and I when for a walk. I love living in the middle of no where it makes for nice quite walks. After the walk Will and I hung out and watched TV at his house for awhile. For the prefect end of the day Amber called me and we talked for over a hour. I love talking with Amber and she is one of a few people I willing talk to on the phone for more that five minutes.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Troop Buildup in Iraq

President Bush give a speech tonight on his plans to send more troops to Iraq. I support this action and I do it with the knowledge someone I love has orders to go to Iraq because of it. I hate war and think me should avoid it if possible. We gave Saddam Hussein several changes to prove he did not have what me thought he had in Iraq. In doing so we may have given him the the time to move the Weapons of Mess Destruction out of Iraq and into neighboring countries. Saddam Hussein is dead now and it is time for the new government of Iraq to step up and provide a safe country for its people. We the United States need to stay in and clean up the mess we made and make sure the Iraqi Government starts to work on its own for its people. The last thing we need to do is pull out of Iraq like we did in Vietnam. Not only will we dishonor the men and women who have died in Iraq, we will have to fight the enemy here in the United States instead of Iraq. The evil forces we are fighting in Iraq will follow us home. We only have to look at the World Trade Center in New York City to see they can and will attack us in our homeland.

I ask you to continue to pray for President Bush, our men and Women in our Armed Services all over the world, and the great people of Iraq. May the decisions made over the next few months bring all involved home safe and to a peaceful country.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Trip to Atlanta

Table Rock, South CarolinaJonathan, Will, and I went down to Atlanta on Saturday. We were just going to go to Commerce, Georgia to shop at the Tanger Outlet Centers. After we shopped at the Outlets we decide to head on into Atlanta, Georgia since we still had some sunlight. While we were in Atlanta we went to the Lenox Square Mall. I was very impressed with the people of Atlanta. They were very friendly. I look forward to going back to Atlanta in the future and hope to see more of the city.

Population of Atlanta sign

Lenox Square Mall

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Farewell President Ford

I would like to take time to said my farewell President Gerald R. Ford. President Ford served as President of the United States for a short time. As we look back at his time as president we see he did the best he could do and save the country from a worse fate. I have not done a lot of research on President Ford but I believe one of the greatest things he had done was to pardon President Nixon. This was an important step towards healing our great country after the Watergate scandal. Farewell President Ford and thank you for your service to the greatest country on Earth.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

It feels like yesterday the year 2006 started and now we are in the year 2007. First I like to say am sorry for not post on my blog. I had problem getting Blogger's web site to load for the last few weeks cause by the URL saved in my favorites being the beta URL. I have the problem fixed now.

I hope that 2007 goes great for everyone. For me if it is a little better then 2006 it will be a great year. In 2006, I found myself with a girlfriend for the first time in nine years. I lost over 40 pounds. I also received several pay raises at work. I failed to get into the Army and get a promotion at work for the same reason. I am disappointed but for depress about them. Yes, I have come out of the year 2006 with a new look on life. I have broken out of my depression and I am working on my shyness. In working on my shyness I have come up with I new best friend Amber. I with all these thing in happening in 2006, I feel than 2007 is going to be a great year.

My goals for 2007 are the following. I going to work hard on getting out of debt. I going to work on making at least two friends that I hung out with in my time off from work. I going to get my weight down to 195 pounds and eat healthier.