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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Looking for Family in Grave Yards

I enjoy researching my Family Tree. When researching your family roots you may find yourself in a graveyard or two. Find A Grave is a web site that I use in my research as I said before in this Blog. This week Jonathan, my roommate, and I fulfilled a photo requested from Find A Grave and went looking for the graves of his family. Since my family is from New Jersey and New York, I put in a photo request for photos for my Second Great Grandparents on the mother's side gravestones. That request was fulfilled today. The pictures in with entry are the result of that photo request.

Merritt C Carpenter was a harness maker from New York State. I have not been able to find his parents yet but I have a good lead. I am just looking for backing information. I have been able to track Harriet's family back to the 1300s. Her family was living in Sussex County, New Jersey by the time of her birth. Her branch of my mother's family that is related to my father's side of the family.

I have started entering grave sites on Find A Grave to help other people in their family tree research. I also fulfill photo request when I can, because I know the photos of family members' gravestone are I connection with those family members.

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