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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Party at Work

Today we had our Christmas party at work. I enjoyed the party for many reasons. One reason was that I cooked the ribs and meatballs that my co-workers enjoyed eating at the party. Those of you who know me there is nothing that brings me more joy then seeing my friends enjoying something I worked on. The another thing I enjoyed tonight was the happiness of my friends at work when I gave their Christmas gifts to them tonight. Many of the people I work with have lost people very close and dear to them in the last two years. I have set up online memorials for their love ones that have passsed away at Find A Grave's web site. Only one of them did not know what I was giving them for Christmas. I had to ask questions to find the information I needed to setup the memorials and I wanted to be sure they would be okay with the memorials since it involved the death of a love one. The one that did not know about it, has not been talking to me for the last two weeks. I was worried about giving it to her. While after I gave her the letter that I wrote to her telling her of the memorial for her love one, she came up to me and hugged and thanked me for setting up the memorial. We started talking with one another again, and that filled me with joy. Out of all the people in my life right now she is the one I enjoy being around the most. I love to see her smile. And I made her smile several times tonight. I hope all of you enjoy Christmas this year and remember Christmas is not about giving or receiving gifts, but remembering to share the Greatest Gift with everyone. That gift is God's son, Jesus, who died for our sins 2000 years ago.

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