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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Great Customer Service

We are in the biggest shopping time of the year. I am surprised at how many companies now days have really bad customer service. Retail stores seem to only put their people on cash registers and not on the floor to take care of the customer needs. Internet and catalog companies have you call a computer. If you are lucky enough to get a live human being they can hardly speak the language or they have an accent you can not understand. Then my favorite thing companies do is send you from person to person and you never get what you are looking for in the first place. All what this says to me is me just want money but you are not important enough to treat you right. I do not mind paying and little more for a good product and good service. I want both when I go shopping. I have stopped going to places that I get bad service even if them had the lowest price. I have worked hard for my money and if you you want me to get it to you, I want great service with the product or products I am buying from you.

But, I am happy to say there are still companies out there that treat their customer right. One of these companies is L.L. Bean. They have good quality products at great prices. I recently ordered some mocs from them. The mocs were delivered to the wrong address. I called L.L. Beans Customer Service Hotline. The representative listen to my problem and made sure she understood want the problem was and then turn me over to the right department who quickly took care of the problem. L.L. Bean even called a few day later to check to if I got my package. I did not so they sent a replacement to me at no charge. L.L. Bean's website is I will buy more products in the future from L.L. Bean because of the great customer service I received from them.

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