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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cleaning the Office at Work

At work my Assistant Manager, Deana, and I cleaned the office. We took every thing that we could out of the office. Then we started wiping down the walls. I cleaned the ceiling tiles. It is amazing how much brighter it is in the office now that all the smoking build up is gone. Believe it or not the walls and ceiling are white. Deana and I both do not smoke. As we were cleaning we discussed what someone who smokes lungs must look like. Just by how the walls in the office looked liked before we started to clean, its got to be pretty nasty looking. We used blench water to clean the ceiling, shelves, and walls. Soap and water just would not cut through the nicotine stains that was on everything. I do have some chemical burns on my fingers from the blench water but they are not to bad. I am sure that my fingers will heal quickly. And I feel like I really accomplished something with cleaning the office.

I have always enjoyed cleaning up after other people as long as they are not just leaving it because they know I will clean it up. I have never liked cleaning up after myself and who really does. But, I do kept a clean house. Now being a single guy I will let somethings slide for a day or two if it will not attracted pest every now and then. At least once a week, usually more that once a week I do detail cleaning around the house. I find cleaning house or around work very relaxing as long as I feel that I am not being force to clean something. Those who really know me know sometimes I just need to relax. Also, clean helps me think things over. So you can say cleaning is a great stress relief for me.

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