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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Day Of Yardwork

I spent today doing yard work to get ready for the holidays and winter. I went and got my friend, Seth, and he helped me with the yard work. We pulled weeds cut the little trees that I do not want in the flower beds down threw them over the back fence. We also raked some leaves and put them on the compost pile. Seth picked up the wood that was next to the house and put it on the wood pile while I raked the leave out of the area. I need to clean up around the wood pile but I am waiting for my brother to come over and help me with the tree that broke earlier this year. The broken branch make it hard to get around the part of the yard where the wood pile is and clean. We did a lot before the rainy weather moved in. The yard already looks with what we got done. I still have a lot done. I left the one flower there since it already survived the cold nights that we already had.

In The flower beds by the house in the front I pulled the weeds and pruned the brushes. Next weekend, I will be putting some Christmas lights on these brushes.

The flower beds by the road, I and Seth pulled weeds, cut the dead flowers off and I cut the tree cut that I did not want there.

The flower bed in the middle of the driveway, I and Seth pulled up the wood that made a border around it, since the wood was all rotted. I do not have plans to put a new border around it right now. I have plans to pull the wood borders from the flower beds in front of the house. I cut the trees out I did not want growing their and pruned the rose brush. I had Seth raked the leaves on to it.

After my mom got home and Seth and I finished up with the yard work, we went and looked around the Hobby Lobby store. I treated Seth to dinner at Ruby Tuesday. I am glad they added some stuff back to their salad bar. I guess the next time I go their I will order water as my drink. I am trying to cut back on drinking soda and their sweet tea is not sweet at all. Good sweet tea is an art form. You need to add sugar enough to sweet the tea but still taste the tea. Ruby Tuesday needs to add more sugar to their tea. The food tasted good.

Using My Last Vacation Day

Today, I took off work to use up my last vacation day. I spent most of my day resting. When mom got home we got ready to head out for a little ride and mom's regular dinner at the grocery store. When we got back home my sister, Mary was there with her kids and we had a good visit.

This was an eventful week. Wednesday night on the way home I saw three guys standing in the road over another man who was hit by a truck. I stopped to check to see if things were okay and if 911 had been called. One of the guys said he already called 911 and the emergency services where on there way. I got back in my car and turned my car around so my headlights would provide more light to check on the guy in the road. I stay until the police came and said I was okay to go. The guy and his friends where crossing the road when he was hit. It looked like whoever hit him did not even slow down let alone stop. The guy and his friend where drunk and possibly high on something. I feel sorry for the guy who got hit and hope he is okay. The other thing that happen was a business next to where my brother works caught on fire. The tow employees in the building manage to get out alive. The cause of the fire is believed to be a space heater in a box truck. The fire destroyed the building. Mom and I drove out by the business to check the damage ourselves. I feel for the ones that lost their work. I hope they rebuild and the employee can get back to work.

After checking the fire damage, mom and I headed to the Ingles Market in Mills River, North Carolina. Mom goes out there on Fridays for Steak Night. She enjoys going and it is a highlight of her week. The staff take good care of her and even start setting up the table for her when they see her. I think mom really likes it when I am able to join her. I enjoyed watching mom talk with the staff asking them about their Thanksgiving plans and other stuff going on their lives. I am glad mom has something she enjoys doing each week.

We enjoyed our visit with my sister and her kids when we got back home. Mary and I talked about our plans for Thanksgiving Day. I am going to have a full house. My sister and her three kids are coming over. I am glad Mary is going to help with the cooking. My cousin and his family is coming up from Lenoir, North Carolina. Then my sister Lisa is coming with her close friend, Lucas. My brother Tim said he will come over as well.

Prime Rib dinner

Apple Dessert

I am happy to say that mom and I received our wall calendars for 2018. Mom got a calendar with angels. I got one of the lighthouses of the Great Lakes.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Help A Friend With House Work

One thing I enjoy doing is helping people. Today, I spend some time helping my friend, Seth, do some cleaning around his help. Seth has some metal issues and lives alone and in September and October, about the only thing Seth does at house is sleep since he is working at the local Haunted Farm. It is the highlight of his year and he enjoys doing it. Seth's house was not a complete mess but it was a little much for one person to clean. It was good to spend some time with Seth too. As we worked on cleaning his house we talked about a few thing to do next year when we have time to hang out. After a couple hours of work, his house looked a whole lot better and Seth was happy.

We talked about walking around Asheville, North Carolina for him to take pictures for the North Carolina Mountain State Fair next year. He did good in the Photo Contest back in September. I guess I should see if Seth will let me share his photos here. We also talked about going up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I hope to get a new camera for myself before next summer. I am trying to decide on which camera to get.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Chili At My Sister's House

Sunday night, my mom and I, went over to my sister's house for dinner. We had some of the chili that was leftover from the Fall Festival that my sister, Mary goes too. It was good to spend some time with my sister and her kids. The kids seemed to enjoy seeing me since they have not seen much of me this summer with both me and my sister working so much this summer. We had a beef chili and a chicken chili to choose from for dinner. I had the beef chili, it was more beans then beef but it still tasted good. The chicken chili looked a little more like soup then I like. I have been avoiding soup the pass year. I have a texture things going on with soup right now. I like to make my chili thicker then both the chilies were and a lot more spice then the beef one I had. I could have done with less beans in the chili. I need to plan a couple things for the family besides Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know the kids enjoy doing s'mors. I have been thinking about changing my fire pit to make it a little bigger and easier to start a fire in and clean it out.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Cleaning House And Holiday Prep

Today, I was busy working on cleaning the house and the yard. I made a dent in the clean but I did not get either the yard or the house cleaning done. I got the compost pile turned and added some stuff to it including the ashes from the fire pit.. I will add some more stuff to add to it tomorrow afternoon. It was rainy today, so I did not get as much as I wanted to do it the yard done. I wanted to mow the yard to cut the grass and take care of the leaves that has already falling.

I went shopping tonight for things to get the house ready for the Holidays. As I was doing the yard work today, I could not find my yard rake. I added a rake to my list of things to get for the house. I already planned on getting a surge protector and a welcome sign for Christmas for the front door. Mom went to a church event with my sister, Mary and her kids so I had the night to myself. I stopped in Hobby Lobby first to look around a little and see what they had for Christmas decorations. As I was looking through the seasonal department, I saw a welcome sign for Thanksgiving to put on the front door. I decided to get it and wait to get one for Christmas with my next paycheck.

After the hobby store, I eat dinner at the Culver's next to it. Culver's has some good hamburgers. I tried the their Wisconsin Cheese Curds tonight and enjoyed them. After eating, I stooped at he Dick's Sporting Goods Store down the the road to check on somethings for my workouts. I saw a pair of shorts that I may get later. I saw some ear plugs but I can get them online for half the price when I buy some new swim gear before the end of the year. Then it was off to Lowe's for the main items I went out for, the rake and surge protector. I got a surge protector for when I put the Christmas tree up it will be easier to turn the lights on and off and also have additional outlets for other things like my laptop. The one I got has six outlets and to USB ports for charging cell phones. I got a yard rank too. Now that I brought the new rake, I will find the old one tomorrow, but it will be good to have two rakes. Since I had a little more time before I wanted to get home, I stopped into best buy to look at cameras. I need to get a new camera since The camera I am using now has been acting strangely lately. I will be getting a new one some time after the new year if my camera holds out until then. I main plan on using the camera for eBay and the my blogs. I have been thinking about trying to do some videos on YouTube.

I am looking forward to having the family all at the house for the holidays. I need to get a lot of cleaning in the house and out in the yard done before Thanksgiving Day. I need to get working on it and maybe get my sister's kids help me with the yard work.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Night Out With Mom And Treats For Rayna

Mom and I had dinner out tonight. We enjoyed our even our at the Biltmore Town Square in Asheville, North Carolina. Mom has been talking about her shrimp pizza. Brixx Pizza is the only place we have been able to find that offers a shrimp pizza. I had the Italian Cheese Steak Pizza for my dinner. Both mom and I enjoy eating at Brixx Pizza.

We were planning on watching a movie but I changed my mind and we also heard that the movie I wanted to see was sold out. I wanted to see Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. I enjoyed the first Boo movie the love watching Tyler Perry movies.

I got some treat for my dog Rayna at the Woof Gang Bakery. We try to get her something when we are at the Biltmore Town Square. They have a lot of different treats for dogs. I like getting the cookie treats switch they change with the season.

The best things about the treats at Woof Gang Bakery is that Rayna seems to like then a great deal. She eats them right up when I give her them.

I also took a look around the Barnes and Noble book store. I could not find a book that interest me this time. I was looking for some ideas of things to do for the Blog. I want to get re-energized with posting on the blog. At some point, I will just jump into working on the posts I keep thinking about and be back into blog more regularly. I am working on sorting things out in my head.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Aspley Guise - Least Used Station in Bedfordshire

I watch a lot of videos on YouTube. One of the channels I follow is Geoff Marshall's channel. He does a lot of videos on trains. I really enjoyed this one so I thought I would share it with you.