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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Seeing A Kind Act At The Post Office

Today, when I was at the post office to drop off a book I sold and check my post office box,  I saw a act of kindnesses.  I entered the post office and there was a old lady with a cane walking up the hallway.  A teenage girl who was waiting with her family outside the passport office asked her if she needed help. She proceeded to assist the lady with her belongings down the hall to so the old lady could take care of her business at the post office.  Seeing this made me smile that there is people who are raising their children to respect others.

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Visiting A Coworker In The Hospital

Joe works on the manufacturing side of the warehouse where I work. Sometimes he helps out in the warehouse. Joe is one of my coworkers that I enjoy being around. Joe had a stroke as we were getting ready to leave Wednesday night. I only found out that he had a stroke Friday night. I decided, I would visit him while I was out filming for my YouTube Channel. I am glad to says he was doing good today when I visited. He will be out of work for a long while but there is a chance he will come back to work. While he is gone, I will miss him since he is a great guy to have around.

I was happy I went to visit Joe and I am sure it met a lot to Joe that I came and visited him in the hospital. I was glad to get out of the hospital. When I visit hospitals, I get the feeling something is crawling all over my skin. I feel really dirty after a visit to a hospital. I made sure I washed my hands and arms when I got home after the hospital before I went back out to go grocery shopping with my mom.

I hope I do not have any more hospital visits this year. I hope all of you are doing well.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

New Video: How To Make A Cheeseburger Ring

I just got a new video uploaded onto YouTube. It video was fun to make but is was a pain to upload. I started uploading it of Sunday night and it did not get fined uploading until early Thursday morning. I believe I need to choose a different file type for the video for faster upload. I worry a little about the quality but I can not take days to upload ten minute videos. I want to use that time, making more videos. I will find a good way to improve the upload.

I have several videos plan out and finishing some research on them. I am also waiting on the right weather for the shooting of the videos when I am off work. I also am trying to think of some things to do when the weather is not good for shooting videos. I may try doing a live stream. Take the time to subscribe to my YouTube.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Opps, I Forgot To Turn The Mic On!

I have been doing a lot of prep work for some videos, I plan to put together for my YouTube channel. Today, I bought supplies for two cooking videos I have been planning on doing. I got the camera setup and the prep work to make the video. I started to shot the video and got most of the video shot. Things was going smoothly before I forgot to start the microphone on to record the sound for the video. I guess I will plan to shoot the videos again some other time. I will try to remember to turn the microphone on, Sunday night when I try to do another cooking video. At least, I get to enjoy what I was making.

I have several videos planned out. I am just waiting for the right weather in order to shoot the videos. I continue to do some research on the subjects I want to do videos on. I am also scouting out the locations for the videos. I hope to get rolling on making video regularly by the spring. Mistakes like tonight are a good learn experience in making videos. I am enjoying the processes and hope to have some good videos to share soon.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy New Years Welcome 2019

It has been a while since I did a blog post. I have not been feeling all that great over the past couple months and I have been working a another project which I will take off and be successful in 2019. It this time, I still plan to continue to post here on the blog and plan on the blog to become part of the other project.

As I said before on the blog, I deal with depression. I continue to work on one issue that has affected my depression the most. Unfortunately, is is something I have to wait for other people to do something for me first before I can move on. Once the issue is taking care of, some other option will open up to me. It this point, it look like in will be March before I have another chance of it being done.

Work is going go for me. With that said, I am hoping that the projects that I am working on outside of work take off and provide enough income to where I can leave my job and work on doing things I enjoy doing for a living. I shall push through with the depression and get my online store back to making a profit and get this blog back up and running along with my other project going.

Ok, now to answer the question of what is this other project you have been working on? While for awhile I have been working on learn how to do videos. While I was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee back in October, I met up with Will and Dawn who do a YouTube channel called Yankee in the South. Will encourage me to go ahead and start posting videos to my channel and learn as I go instead of worrying about getting everything project. Over the past few months, I have managed the post a few videos to my YouTube channel called Dan the Mountain Man. It this point, I plan to do videos about different places about where I live in Western North Carolina, cooking video, and some vlogging. I hope to be able to and plan on using this blog and my YouTube videos together. They both will take up a lot of time and force my to manage my time better if I am going to be successful at them. I will be the first to admit I am not good at managing my time.

Want happening in March will impact the direction I go with both the blog and videos but the people who are helping me with the issue believe thing will go in a good way for me. In this process of taking care of the issue, I have been let down before so I am not getting that excited about it. I am making plans for both ways it could turn out for me.

I hope to take a least one major trip in 2019, but I do not have anything planned yet. I have been talking with family about different ideas and looks at some non family things too. I have a few things to take care of before I can plan out a trip. One of them being helping my mom find a new job. The restaurant that she worked at closed down last week without notice. Mom lives with me and I help her out with a long of things. I am positive things will work out for my mom and her getting another job.

The Year 2018, was a challenging year for me and also a year of some blessings. I am hoping that 2019 goes better for me. The adventure of my life continues. I hope to come closer to my new friends and old friends alike. I know I will have some good times to share with all who will come along.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Getting Ready For My Vacation

Today, I sent my day getting ready for my vacation. Tomorrow, my mom and I are heading over to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the week. I am looking forward to the trip.

I started my day with cleanup a couple things around the house. Taking the trash and recyclables to the dump. Working on shredding some papers for the compost pile and recyclables for my next trip to the dump. After mom got home, we headed out to do some grocery shopping to get some food for my sister and her boyfriend as they watch Rayna and the house while we are gone. This evening I am finishing packing my stuff up and cleaning my room. I need to go through my clothes while I get back from my trip and get rid of the clothes I do not wear anymore. Most I will just throw away but there are a few things I can take to the thrift store. I normally wear my clothes until they get worn out.

Mom and I, will be staying at a hotel in Gatlinburg. We plan to send some time in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and checking out some of the other activities in and around Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville, Tennessee. I have made sure I did not plan out too much to do. We may just get a day and stay at the hotel and enjoy the pool and our room at the hotel. It looks the leaves changing colors are coming to there peak and the area already has their Christmas decorations out. So, it will be a mix of Halloween, Christmas and the changing of the leaves. I will try to try some different things that I have not done before while over there.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Burning A Stump And Berry Cobbler

I was wanting to go somewhere today instead on working on things around my house but I did not feel like doing very much when I woke up. By the time, I got up and moving around, my sister had stopped by to borrow some money and my mom got home from work. After I finished my breakfast and shower and mom changed her clothes, mom and I headed out to the grocery stores to get a couple things for the house.

Since I did not go anywhere, I decided to try to work a little more on the stump in the front yard I have been trying to remove. I used Stump Remover on it, which worked a little. I decide to try to burn it a little today to see if it works as good as I heard it with with my research on stump removal. I got some charcoal briquettes started burning and put them in the middle of the stump and around the stump with a few sticks. I let it burn for a hour and a half. I am glad that the fire worked and the stump broke apart after the burning. What is left is under ground level for the most part. I maybe burn another fire on it to make it a little lower in the ground before covering the remains up with dirt form the compost pile. With the stump gone it will be easier to mow the front yard. It will be different since the stump has been in the yard since I moved into the home.

One thing, I have always wanted since I was young was my own dutch oven. I have been putting it off for years. The weekend, I ordered an 8 quart Lodge cast iron dutch oven. I decided to make a mixed berry cobbler in it as my first time cooking in it. I got a can of blackberry, can of blueberry and can of red raspberry pie filling. I put the pie filling in first and then poured yellow cake mixed over the filling. Then I put third of a stick of butter and ground cinnamon to taste of top. The let it bake for an hour. It turned out great and tasted great but, I do think I should have put more charcoal briquettes on the lid then I did. I am planning to make another cobbler for my family for Thanksgiving Dinner. I am sure my family will enjoy it.

The cobbler just off the coals.

The cobbler already to eat.

Tonight was a good way to remember happy times from my younger years. I can not wait to cook more things in my dutch oven.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Fall Finally Here

The temperatures drop around here after Hurricane Michael passed through here. Glad we just got some flooding around town compared to what other areas got. I only had to put off paying a bill due to the flooding.

I did not have any overtime at work this week switch was a welcome break. I had a couple other things I worked on this week outside of work. One thing I have been working on for awhile, I was hoping to have it finished up this week but, I am going to have to wait to have it finished up in November. Once it is wrapped up, I should be able to start working on a couple other projects, I would like to do. Another project, I worked on this week, I made some breakthrough on it. I am hoping it will help improve this on this Blog and help me start another project I have been thinking about starting. I have a couple other things to try out before launching the new project.

Since I had off this weekend, I did some yard work. I mowed the yard and raked the leaves from the walkway between the house and the garage. I used the lawnmower to pickup the leaves in the yard as I mowed the grass. This helps with the compost pile. As I was doing the yard work, I saw my first woolly worm this year. It is nice to see them. I hope I see more.

This coming week, I plan on preparing for my upcoming trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Mom and I are looking forward to the trip. I need to write down a loose plan of things we are planning to do. I also need to pay some bills ahead of time. I will try to use the Gatlinburg trip as a launching point for the one project I have been working on the past couple months thank to the step I made this past week.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Using The Rewards Of Composting

I was glad to have this Saturday off. I was a nice warm day to workout in the yard. I had several projects to do today, but my main project was shifting the compost pile to separate the soil from the part of the compost pile that still needs to break down into soil. I have not gone through the whole pile but to got two wheelbarrow full loads of soil. I put the new soil in one on my flower gardens by the house. I need to get some flowers to put in the flower beds in front of the house. I wanted to go through the compost pile today since the leaves are starting to fall but not hit their peak yet. This year's compost pile has worked out good and produced some good looking dirt. I hope next year's compost pile works out as good. The best part about doing a compost pile is that it puts the yard and food waste to use instead of putting them in the trash.

I hope to mow the grass tomorrow and start adding on the compost pile for coming year. I already raked the walkway between the house and the garage today. The leaves were mixed with this year's compost pile remains that still needs to break down and some new food waste. If I mow the yard tomorrow the grass clipping will go on the compost pile. Throughout the year I will continue to add leaves, grass clippings, food waste, shredded paper and some other house and yard waste. I try to turn the whole pile fully over at least once a month.

I still have a lot of work to do in and around my yard. I hope to get some improvements done in the yard next spring and summer. One of which is a fairy garden. I have been planning it out and pricing things. I am planning to put it under the pine tree in the front yard. I would like to have more color with the flowers throughout the rest of the yard. Maybe I will have some luck with fruit trees next year.