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Friday, May 20, 2016

Photo Of The Week: The Ravens

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Vacation Day 2: DuPont State Forest

Today's plan was to was to go swimming and hiking at DuPont State Forest between Hendersonville and Brevard, North Carolina with my friend, Seth. Due to the cool temperatures, we decided not to go swimming. Seth and I went hiking to High Falls and Grass Creek Falls with my dog, Rayna. The cooler temperatures and the rainy weather made for a nice hike.

View of High Falls from the trail going down to High Falls.

This is the bottom of High Falls, I would have gotten closer to the falls if I did not have Rayna with me.

The top of High Falls from the covered bridge that goes over the water over the falls. Remember it is unsafe to swim and wade in the water above the waterfalls. You could be seriously injured and killed.

This is the covered bridge above High Falls.

A creek that runs under the trail to Grassy Creek Falls.

A fire pit by Grassy Creek Falls. I guess it is from the time the property was owned by the DuPont Company.

Seth and I enjoyed a broke sit next to the water of the Grassy Creek Falls. I think, I may go back to Grassy Creek Falls to take time to do some writing.

Rayna enjoying the water. I am a little surprised Rayna, did as much walking in the water as much as she did since she does not like water.

The covered bridge as we were heading back from Grassy Creek Falls to the car.

The best part of hiking in DuPont State Park is a lot of the trails are service roads and have lots of flowers along side.

After our hike at DuPont State Forest, Seth and I headed back to my house to drop Rayna off and pickup mom. When Mom got off from work, we all headed out to Brevard, North Carolina for dinner at Twins Dragons Chinese Buffet and to walk in downtown Brevard. It was a enjoyable and relaxing day.

Vacation Day 1: House And Online Store Work

I have been working a lot of overtime the past few mouths at work and I am happy to say we are slowly seeing the overtime deceasing. I liked the extra money and managed to save some of it and pay off some debt. I decided to take two day off to get caught up on some house work and to relax a little.

The first day of my days off was to be working on doing things around the house. In the morning after took mom to work, I took a little more sleep. I took the trash and recyclables to the dump. I had a hair appointment in the afternoon. After get my haircut, I got a new day-pack at the sporting goods store on Main Street in town. One I got back home I started on finishing up sorting and organizing the bubble wrap I use for my eBay store. I had about thirty bags of bubble wrap to go through today that was just piled up in the back of my garage. With the bags I managed to do before today and the ones I did today I got the down to 18 bags of bubble wrap. Most are filled with bubble wrap that is cut into sheets that are just the right size to wrap standard size books. I sorted out two other size sheets that I use for bigger books. I have 4 bags of odd sizes and colored bubble wrap. Taking the bubble wrap sorted and organization is my first step in getting the garage organized. I'm off to a good start on that project. Organization the bubble wrap also another step in improving things for my online store.

Tomorrow, I plan to head out to DuPont State Forest with my friend, Seth to go swimming and do a little hiking. If the rain holds off it will be a good day of exploring. I hope I will be about to get my mind off of things at work and other things going on outside of work.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Celebrating Mom On Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day especially if you are a mother. I treated my mother out to dinner at Olive Garden. I also ended up paying for my two sisters and my niece and nephews dinner because mom wanted Mary and the kids it join us. My brother Tim was planning to join us. He had to reschedule dinner with mom since mom had to work later in the afternoon and he had to work tonight.

Mom has done a lot for my brothers, sisters and I over the years. My mom had seven kids, four boys and three girls. My mother and father got devoured when I was 4 or 5 years old. My grandparents, her parents raised me, my mom raised the rest of my brothers and sisters with help from my grandparents and my aunt and uncle. Life was not easy but I mom did the best she could for all us kids. She would work her job and come home and still train her kids how to live.

Mom enjoyed her dinner. I was impressed with the service we got from our waitress. My nephew spilled his water. The waitress was right there with napkins to help clean the spill up. She was glad to spend time with her kids and grand-kids. After dinner we heading home and made s'mors and toast marshmallows.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Lisa and Scott's Birthday Dinner

As you guys who have been following Mountain Highs and Valley Lows, I have been busy at work due to changing to a new computer program we use to do our operations. I have also had a couple other projects to do outside of work too which cause me to step back from the blog for a little. I am hoping that I can start focusing on blog post again now that I have finished a couple of the projects up and we are starting to catch-up on the work load at work.

This evening my mom and I treated my sister, Lisa, and brother-in-law, Scott, out for dinner for their birthdays which were back in February. We did it tonight because since February I have been working six and seven days a week. This was the first time I could take them out due to work and other family events. Scott wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse since he use to work there and have not been there in a while.

I have never been hugely impressed with Outback Steakhouse but I am not turned off by them. There food is okay and I have always gotten good service. Lisa and Scott enjoyed their dinners. Scott does not eat much and only had chicken tenders. Lisa had a sirloin steak which she enjoyed. Mom and I had prime rib. We all agreed our food was good. My prime rib had good taste and was cooked as ordered but it did not have the melt in your mouth feeling I like when I eat prime rib. I did like the seasoning they had on the prime rib. Steaks are a treat when I have them since I do not have steak that often even at house. It is more a treat when I eat out since it coat so much. Your server did a great job. He was quick to respond to our needs and kept out drinks full. Mom works with him at the restaurant she works at so he has two jobs. I made sure I left him a good tip. I may have to stop at Outback again some time in the future. Maybe with just mom and I and hopefully one day with Jo Anne.

After dinner, we stopped at the grocery store to get a few things for Lisa and Scott before taking them home. They both thanked us for the great evening and dinner. Mom and I enjoyed our evening and it was good to get out of the house for a little too.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Survived The First Week Of The New Computer System

Monday was the first day of live use of the new computer system at the warehouse where I work. This week was a crazy week. Monday night I stood around a lot. The few orders I did get the computer seemed to stop communicate with the server a lot. Tuesday, I picked a lot more but was still having the communication problem. At one point, I was tempted to throw the handheld I was using at the wall. I am glad that on Wednesday and Thursday they had me pick some orders off paper or otherwise I would have lost my mind. Friday and Saturday things went a lot smoother since the computer guys got a lot of the bugs worked out. There still are a lot of bugs to work out but most of them are in other parts of the warehouse.

It looks like I'll be working a lot of overtime for the next several weeks. I do believe once the bugs are worked out and everyone gets used to the new computer system things will return back to normal at work. They are calling for a winter storm this week but it does not seem like it will too bad.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Starting To Clear The Snow

Today was a nice day to get out and walk and work on cleaning up after the snow storm. I measured 9 inches of snow in the backyard today. I figured there was 9 to 12 inches in the yard depending where you measured. On the local news said the main part of town got almost 16 inches of snow.

It was cold and windy but I was still able to do the work I needed to do outside. I decided with the amount of snow and the condition of the road not to go out anywhere again today. My mom's boss was not happy mom called out of work again but risking our lives and at the least damage to my car for the minimum wage he pays her is not worth it. I get paid twice as much at my job and I would have called off of work if I did have off already. Besides he could do what the old manage would do and come pick mom and take her to work. Even if I took her to work, he most likely would not show appreciation.

I hope to get out tomorrow. I feel, I will be able to get out to the main road but, I worry about being able to make it back up to the house. I will have some cat liter in the car if I need it.

The driveway before I got around to clearing the snow off it.

Rayna and I walked down to the main road around 2 PM.

One of my neighbors got his tractor out and scraped the lower part of the neighborhood. Hope the state will be able to scrap and salt the neighborhood Sunday.

The main was was still white when I checked it at 2 PM. I saw two DOT trucks go by as I was down checking the main road.

The kids in the neighborhood made good use of the snow and the hills.

While I worked on clearing the driveway, my mom cleaned off the car.

I managed to get the driveway cleared so I hopefully get out tomorrow to take mom to work. I shoveled a little and then I would go back inside to rest and warm back up. I got the driveway done in three stages. I threw some ice melt down on the sidewalk and driveway.

Here is the road at the end of the day. Only four-wheel drive was going in and out in my neighborhood. One truck slide into the ditch on the road behind my house. He was able to get back out without assistance.

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Big Snow Of January 2016

Hi everyone one. I had today off from work due to the snow storm that is still dumping snow outside. I am glad that it has been more snow then ice. Yesterday, the weather forecast was different every time and on every different source I looked at. I have been working some overtime at work due to the upcoming switch over to a new computer system at work. When I am at home I have not had the energy to do much but sleep. When I do feel like doing things, I need to work on different projects around the house which I seem to be way behind on. So that is the reason for the lack of post lately.

I wanted to take a little time to share some pictures of the snow here. The measured the snow around one in the afternoon today and I had 9 inches (22 cm) out in the front yard. It is still snowing and is supposed to continue throughout tight into Saturday morning. They are calling for a total snow fall where I live between 12 inches (30cm) to 16 inches (40 cm).

The front yard.

The patio

The fire pit is almost covered up.

The swing, I guess I am not going to be swinging.

Rayna having some fun playing in the snow.

I hope I can get out by Monday so I can get back to work. The mailman did not deliver the mail at the house today. The road crew does a good job with keeping the highways and main roads open. once the snow stops they get the secondary and other roads cleared quickly but this is a lot more snow then we normally get. I will work on clearing the driveway and walkways here at the house tomorrow. Maybe get out in the afternoon after some of my neighbors with 4 wheel drive make the roads drive-able for we. I more worried if I get out about getting back up the the house. I have some cat liter to help get traction for the hill at the entrance of my neighborhood.