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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Messed Up Sleep And Working On The House

If you guys noticed I have not posted in two weeks and not much since the beginning of the year. I have been having problems with my sleep lately. I normally have a couple days where my sleep is messed up now and then but this time my sleep seemed to stay messed up. After almost a month, I finally managed to be sleeping right and feeling rested after my sleep.

I hope, I continue to sleep good as I have the past few days. I have my house dedication and house warming party scheduled for the Seventh of February. My pastor will be doing the dedication and that I will have the house warming. I am excited to share the blessing of the new house with my friends. The past couple weeks I had plans to work on things around the house but with my sleep not being right I was not able to get it done. I got some of the work done this afternoon. I replaced the weather stripping on the front door. So far it seems to be cutting down the drift from the door. I am hoping that this will help cut down on the heating of the house. I also got the last of the curtain panels up in the living room.

My friend and mentor, Keith, is waiting for the light we picked to come back in stock. He will replace the light in the back of the garage with a LED light. The old light has not worked since I brought the house but it did work when I was looking at the house before I bought it.The new light is looks like it with be real bright, which will be great for the back of the garage. I hope in the spring, when the weather gets warmer to start organizing the garage better then it is now. I have shelves I need to put up and go through the boxes of stuff the I put in there when I was moving into the house.

I have started a compost pile in the back yard. I have been thinking of getting a compost bin in help the compost form faster. I plan to use the compost when I start working on the yard. The house has can with some nice landscaping. I will need to do a lot of cleaning and repairing of the flower beds. I want the yard to look good and be a great place where my mom, Jo Anne and I to enjoy our time outdoors.

Mom and I are going to head out tonight to had dinner for my birthday which is coming up this coming week. We plan to go to a chinese buffet and maybe look around in some of the store in South Asheville, North Carolina. I hope to get some good ideas for the house.

The house comes with I a lot of work but it is good to know I have the control about the things that get done around the house. I do not need to wait for someone else to hire someone to do work around the house. I can get someone to do it or I can do the work myself. All the work I do in an investment on my own house not someone else's house. I looking forward to seeing the improvements I have planned for the house come together.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Off To Bad Start For The Blog

I have gotten off to a bad start with posting on the blog this year. I have gotten busy with work and taking care of things around the house. Then I end up sleeping a lot when I am off of work and do not have something to do for the house or mom. I think my body is still recouping from being sick.

One of my goals for this year is to post at least three post a week. I missed the first week. I had a little scare when I could not find the USB cable for my camera. I did find it late last night. Too late to set the Food Journey post I was going to post this morning. I will post it next Thursday now. I have a couple other ideas for blog post which I guess I will need to work on this weekend.

Work at the warehouse has been slow but it is normal for this time of year to be slow. Some of the temps have been let go. The thing that has me worried is that there been no word on the pay raise for this year. The past couple years the announcement had been made before Christmas. One of my coworkers told me that This is not the latest they did the pay raise. I hope to hear something on it soon. Work soon start really picking up in March.

I have only sold three book so far this year but I have not listed any new book since before Christmas. I have done my book count for my taxes later in the year. Saturday, I will have my friend Seth to come over and help me organize somethings for my book store better. I am looking for a good year in sales this year.

I am planning a house warming party for the house. I have been pushing it back and back. I have it set for February 7th now. I will be inviting my pastor to do a house dedication, the realtor, who helped me find the house, and a couple friends so they all can see the house. I just need to get the invites out and call and talk with the pastor about the date.

I hope my plan to improve on my blog goes well this year. I hope you guys enjoy my post. Jo Anne and I are sure we will have some good news later this year for you. Thanks for reading and leaving the comments. I try to answer all them but I have miss one or two. Jo Anne and I enjoy hearing from our followers.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Comes To An End

It is hard to believe that the end of 2014 is here. I sent the last week, being sick. I got sick the day after Christmas. I am glad I did not miss any work. I had last Thursday and Friday off and only had to work Monday and Tuesday this week. The days off had given me time to rest and take care of myself. If I would not have lost my Holiday pay, I would have at least taking Monday off. I do not feel bad about going to work sick about over half my coworkers at work have the same thing. It seems we got it at the same time too.

This Christmas was a good Christmas. My aunt surprised my mom by coming for Christmas dinner. She was not going to come because she did not have the money for gas for the trip up here. My cousin, managed to come up with so money and my aunt let me know but asked to keep it a secret from my mom. Mom and I got gifts for the kids and my brother and sister. I even managed to send a package of Christmas gifts to Jo Anne and her family. We had a issue with customs in the Philippines. FedEx did a great job at helping me result the issue. The customer service person from FedEx told me that over half the customs issues he helped people with were from the Philippines. Thanks to customs the package was late arriving the day after Christmas. But I was not charged any customs fees. Everyone enjoyed the gifts.

It has turned out that 2014, has been another year of waiting for Jo Anne and I on her Visa. We should be hearing a decision soon. I pray it is the approval. I do not have the money to appeal again. We thank all that are praying for us. We are should that we will be blessed with the approval we have been waiting for in 2015.

Mom and I are going to have our New Years Eve party tonight to ring in the New Year. We got chips and crackers with cheese and dips. I will try to to make sausage balls to night. We also deli spirals. I have some beer and mom has her wine coolers salute the New Year at midnight.

We will have New Years dinner with some family tomorrow afternoon. It is good to see the family but I am glad that the next holiday the family gathers is Easter is in April.

It feels like a lot of famous people I grow up seeing on TV died in 2014. Here is a little list of the some of the people we lost this past year.

  • Shirley Temple
  • Robin Williams
  • Joan Rivers
  • Joe Cocker
  • Richard Attenborough
  • Casey Kasem
  • Ralph Waite
  • Ann B. Davis
  • Mickey Rooney
  • Phil Everly
  • Pete Seeger
  • Ariel Sharon
  • Sid Caesar
  • Harold Ramis

I hope to have time to do a post tomorrow. I hope all of you have a wonderful year ahead in 2015.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dinner And A Movie With Mom

Mom and I headed up to Biltmore Park in Asheville for what seems to have become an annual thing for us of a dinner and a movie. Mom and I enjoy going to Biltmore Park for shopping and eating out.

We ate at Hickory Tavern which we enjoyed. The service was a little slow but the it was good service. I had the Black and Blue Burger. It has to be the best Black and Blue Burger I have had. They have tons of televisions with several different games ball games on them. The main game of the night is played on a huge television in the high seat section. If you like sports Hickory Tavern is a place for you.

After we ate we heading down to the theater to see the final Hobbit movie, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. I have been waiting all year for this movie. Peter Jackson did not appointment me with another great movie.

After the movie, Mom and I stopped at the Cold Stone Creamery and got some ice cream. Since it was not too cold outside we walked around and looked at the lights as we ate the ice cream. Mom and I had a enjoyable night.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Sofa and Loveseat

The new sofa and loveseat, my mom and I brought this past weekend was delivered this morning. The delivery guys did a great job at getting it in the front door. I had to take the door of the hinges so they could get the sofa in the door.

The living room looks so much better now with the old sofa and loveseat gone and the new sofa and loveseat in place. Now I can lay on the sofa and be comfortable and not have to worry about sinking into the hole in the sofa. As you can see in the pictures Rayna loves the new sofa.

One more piece in place in making the house a home. Next thing is to find a coffee table and some end tables with a couple lamps. I think the house is rest to have a party in January for my friends and people who helped me get the house. I also plan to dedicate the house at that time.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Busy With The Holidays

This month has been a busy one for me. I have been doing projects around the house, work, my online store, family stuff and holiday stuff.

Last weekend, I spend time working on my online store and it was my nephew's tenth birthday. I have been having a good month in sales so far this month. On Saturday night, my mom and I took Jason to Asiana in Skyland, North Carolina (South Asheville) for his birthday dinner.

After dinner we when to see Shadrack Christmas Wonderland at the Western Carolina Ag Center.

Then last Sunday, my sister had a birthday party for Jason at her house. I spend the morning running around town getting things for the party while she got the house ready for the house. Sunday afternoon, my brother, Tim dropped off a Christmas tree for mom and me. I got the tree setup on Monday morning and mom decorated it Monday night.

This weekend, my mom and I brought a new sofa and loveseat. The store will be delivering it on Thursday. Our old sofa have bit the dust with the string breaking so the cushions sink down into the sofa. I am not looking forward to trying to get rid of the old sofa and loveseat since the furniture store will not get the old ones away. Ah, back in t he day when the furniture store would do that. I also got new smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide detector for the house. I am happy to see the house come together and become more of a home.