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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Fixing My Coolers

I take my lunch to work and use a cooler to keep my drinks and food cool. I got a couple of cooler a while back at a deal at Big Lots. I got each of the two coolers I have for around $17 if I remember correctly. They retail for around $30 a piece and that is on the internet as while. I really love the coolers because my drinks stay cold through the shift at work. The only problem if the coolers is the spring and button for the top pops out and gets lost if you lips too far. I lost the spring on both coolers. I have been using duct tape to keep the cooler closed while at work the last three weeks. I was happy to find replacement button and spring online. I ordered three replacement button and springs to fix my two coolers and to have an extra in case I lose the button and spring again. Now I have two coolers to use for work and trips. The extra I will keep in a safe place so I will not have to wait the next time I need I need button or spring.

The replacement button and spring

One of my coolers after being fixed

If you have a Igloo cooler and need parts check out their website. They shipped my order out quickly. This is my personal experience and I have not been paid to write in post.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Cold Trip To Gatlinburg

Mom and I heading over to Gatlinburg tonight to see the holiday light in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville, Tennessee. We left home shortly after mom got home from work. We got to Gatlinburg around 4 PM, so we walked the main strip looking around in some of the stores before having dinner at Blaine's Grill and Bar. After we eat we walked the strip some more to enjoy the lights before we headed home enjoying the holiday lights in Pigeon Forge and Sevierville too. It was cold walking on the strip but mom wanted to see the lights. I have been so busy with work that this was the first chance we had to make the trip over.

A band playing outside.

A fountain iced with ice from the cold temperatures.

Another fountain of icy beauty.

Something to throw some coins at in one of the malls on the strip.

The lights on the strip.

We enjoyed this short visit to Gatlinburg. We had a good travel there and back with very little traffic. The better lights where in Pigeon forge. We are planning to do a trip to Gatlinburg with my sister Mary and her kids later this year when it warms up.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Goals For 2018

I set goal for myself all the time. I try to set some goals at the beginning of the year because it a new per set amount of time. I try to set defined and achievable goals.

I have two financial goals for 2018. I want to pay my one credit card and cancel it. My other goal is to pay off my student loan. These goals will help me get closer to my deft free goal.

My goals for for my blogs and online store are to get me motivated to get active with them again. My goal for this blog Mountain Highs and Valley Lows is to do at least one post a week. I plan on getting a new camera this year since my camera now is starting to act up some times. I have been looking at several reviews of cameras have reduced I choices down to two cameras models. I set a goal of when I get the new camera of restarting my Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments blog. I also set up a goal of starting a new photography blog. These goals I set in order to give myself to get out and do stuff other then work and sleep. I have a few adventures already planned for this year. One is a trip to Pennsylvania to visit family. Another adventure is that Seth and I have talked about touring the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. Seth wants to take some pictures for the photo contest he enters in for the North Carolina Mountain State Fair in September. Seth and I are also going to try to find a new swim hole then the ones we go to. The one we go to now, have gotten a little to popular and not as enjoyable and relaxing. For my online store, I set the goal of having at least two new listings a week.

I big goal for my house is to get my garage organized. Since I got my car paid off I should be able to use some of the money I save from not having a car payment to get shelves to setup in my garage. If a manage to achieve my goal of listing books for my online store, I will have less things to worry able organizing in the garage. I will have to wait for warmer weather to start on the biggest part of this goal. I am sure the garage will end up looking a lot better.

These goals should help improve on my life and make my life easier. I hope you guys enjoy the blog post as I work on these goals.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year 2017 In Review

Here we are at the end of 2017. This year has had its ups and downs as all years. I said good bye to my aunt who passed away this year. My mom and I had two trips that we enjoyed. I had periods of depression. I also achieved my goal of paying off my car.

In May, my Aunt Sandy passed away. Aunt Sandy loved her family and did her best to care for us. I will always have the happy memories of the happy times with my aunt. She is now with her beloved husband and I know one day I will see her again. She will be missed.

My mom and her sister (my aunt)

Mom wanted to go down to Charleston, South Carolina this year for our vacation. I love going to Charleston and been several times. This was my mom's first time. We enjoyed our visit and seeing the different historical sites. Mom said she would like to go back and I would have to said I would too. Our second trip was to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We have been to Gatlinburg many times before but this was our first time we stayed at a hotel. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in the main part of Gatlinburg. It is a beautiful hotel. We was nice to walk to things in town. It was good to see the area is recovering from the wild fires that burned the area in November of 2016. We wanted to go to support the people of an area we love and see as neighbors since they are only 2 hours drive away.

I have been working through a couple issues in my life and in the process of working on them, I slipped in to depression a couple times this year. I am happy to say I am doing better now.

Each year, I set goals for myself to reach. One of my goals this year was to get my car paid off. I paid extra on my car when I got my tax refund and I also used some of my money from the overtime I have been working to get the it paid down. The December payment paid the car off. I received the title free and clear a couple days later. I am hoping to have the car for a couple more years and hope to save money to buy my next car without a loan.

I am glad 2017 is coming to an end and I am looking forward to the upcoming blessings to come in 2018. I am hoping for good news to come in 2018 from the work I have been doing this year.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Putting Christmas Decorations Away

While Christmas has come and gone. Today, I spend cleaning the house, taking the Christmas decorations down and arranging the living room back the way I like it. This Christmas did not go as originally planned. My cousin and his family could not make it because he still is without a car. I could not go down and get him since my car has been acting fun lately. My one nephew may have had the whooping cough which is going through the local schools here. We decided it be best not to have my cousin and his kids so they would not get sick and spread the junk going around here. My oldest brother, Steven, and his girlfriend, Velma, could make it because Velma was not feeling well. So mom and I shared Christmas dinner with my sister, my nephew who was feeling better and a friend of my sister. We had a good time.

Today, I spent taking the Christmas tree down and and rest of the Christmas decorations down. I got some new storage bins and bubble wrap envelops for the Christmas tree ornaments. I got the round storage bin at Hobby Lobby. The got the bubble wrap envelops from the recycling bin at work. One of the the benefits of working in the warehouse is being able to take home, boxes and bubble wrap, as long as it is not want we use to ship product for customers. I love their holiday decorations for all holidays especially the Christmas decorations. I took the light down outside and the bows off the steps in the front of the house. I marked the bad sets of lights, so I can replace them next year when I by new lights and other decorations.

The storage bin and bubble wrap envelops that I got for the Christmas tree ornaments.

The Christmas Tree in the process of being taking down.

I enjoy decorating for the different holidays and seasons. I hope as time goes on a able to get more decorations for them. I try to get decorations I can reuse each year and add to my collection. I hope they in would add to the joy of the holidays for all who visit my house.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Shopping!

I Was happy to get tonight off from work. I have been busy with orders mostly from the back orders because of the Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico in September. Our factory in Puerto Rico is managing to get back up and producing the products for the orders. My last day off was Sunday the week before this week.

I sent my day getting my car taking care of with a oil change and a wash. I cleaned the engine off to try to figure out where I have a leak from the engine. It was nice to get the dirt and grim from the salt and sand from the snow storm storm. The engine looks good. I think I will try to get the engine a little cleaning later.

After mom got home from work, we went out to do our Christmas shopping. Our first stop was to get gifts for my sister's kids. The younger kids wanted some art supplies. We got Jason a coat. Mom got a few gifts for her coworkers. I hope they like thier gifts. I got three of my coworkers gift cards for Chili's earlier this week and past them out on Wednesday night. They seemed to like them.

The second set of stores, we looked around for a new lunch box for me to take to work. My lunch box broke this week. I checked for a replacement part for the lunch box but it was sold out. I will keep checking the website to see if the part comes back in stock. When it does I will order several parts of it. I have a second lunch that the part broke on it too. I looked around at other things in the stores and found a throw blanket for Rayna my dog. So she gets a Christmas gift this year too.

After we finished our shopping, mom and I went to the Ingles and has thier Friday steak night dinner. They had prime rib tonight. They did a great job as usual. After we eat dinner we did some grocery shopping. We got the ham for Christmas dinner. Mom wanted one with a bone in it so we could gave it to Rayna. I used the gift card that my job gave me to pay for part of the groceries.

Tomorrow, we will get the other things we need for Christmas dinner. I am sure everyone coming to our house will enjoy thier Christmas.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Christmas Song From A Local Band

The Steep Canyon Rangers are a local band that has a member from the band you may know. Here is a Christmas song from them. I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Working Overtime Before Christmas

We have been working a lot of overtime at work lately. The reason for the overtime is most from people using their remaining vacation before the end of the year, people just laying out of work, sickness, weather and back orders being processed since the factory in Puerto Rico in starting to get back working. The company I work for changed the vacation policy which ended up with more vacation for the employees. Scheduling vacation is a little harder since their is only so many people that can take a day off of a day so production can continue to go out the door. Of course you have the people who seem to take days off any time the can. I do not play the take days off game because I seen too many people do it and lose their job for taking too many days off. Which brings up the sickness. The has been a cold going around work the past few weeks. I caught it and got it over with in a few days. the worst part of my cold was on my last vacation day and weekend. I do not just take days off unless I am sick because I want to make sure I have the days if I do get sick and need to take a day off. Last Friday, work was cancelled due to a snow storm. We worked schedule overtime Saturday but not full shifts because some people could not get into work because not all the road in the area where clear yet. The state scrapped the road I lived on Saturday morning so I was able to get into work. I worst part about the snow is the snow melting in the day time and freezing at night when the temperature drops. I do not mind driving in the snow but I cannot drive on ice. The snow put us more behind on our work with us starting to process back orders from the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico. As the factory, get slowly back online and shipping things out to us at the warehouse, we fill the orders. Many the the worker at the factory in Puerto Rico still do not have power at their home. The factory has power only because it is on the same line as the hospital. It is nice that the company has setup things up things for the workers to that shower and do laundry when that work their shift. I rather not be working so much during the holiday season but the paycheck comes in handy. With the overtime, I will be able to pay my car off by the end of the year and put a little more money in my savings. Maybe things will settle down after the new year and be able to rest a little.

Friday, December 08, 2017

First Snow Of The Season

Today, we got are first real first snow in my area of the Mountains of North Carolina. They were only forecasting only an inch (2.5 cm) of snow but I measured 8 (20 cm) to 9 (23 cm) inches of snow at 7 PM tonight in my yard. I knew we were going to get some snow but this was a lot more then I expected. I only drove in the snow to take and pickup my mother to and from her work. The warehouse where I work canceled work for tonight. I am enjoying my night resting and looking out at the snow that is still coming down.

The roads were not too bad while I was out but there was a lot of wreaks the emergency services where taking care of around the town. From the roads around my house it looks like most of my neighbors stay home today.

The snow looked beautiful as it was coming down today. I enjoyed watching it and looking at my yard full of snow. I will not be enjoying the snow when I got to work on cleaning it up and get out and start driving around.

Mom did not get to go out for her steak dinner at the Ingles Market, which she does every Friday. I planned ahead and stopped at the Wal-mart on the way home from work Thursday night and got some steaks for us. I cooked her steak dinner for her tonight. I am sure it was not as good as the one she gets at the store but I still did a good job. I prepared four cheese mashed potatoes and Asian style rice and vegetables I enjoy cooking for the people I love.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Starting To Decorate For Christmas

Since I was young, it has been a tradition for me to start decorating to Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. Today, I started with putting the Welcome sign on the door and the welcome mat in front of the door. I put the outdoor lights on the bushes out front and put the Christmas tree put in the living room.

Today, while I was out taking care of a few things for the house, I brought a Christmas welcome sign for the front door. I have been trying to get a welcome sigh for the different holidays and season throughout the year. Now I have one for Christmas. I have one for Easter, Spring and Thanksgiving. I hope to continue my collection as the different holidays and seasons come and I have the money to get the them.

I enjoy Christmas lights on the outside of a house. I wish I could do more but for now the blue lights on the brush by the front window is all I can do. I need to get at least one set of the lights since one of the sets has dead spot but they still look nice.

I setup the Christmas tree today, too. Yes, I have an artificial Christmas tree. I grew up with an artificial Christmas tree and live trees make me uncomfortable because of the fire risk. The tree my grandparents had when I was young was from when my mom was young. I enjoyed putting the tree together each year. The tree, I have now is one my sister, Mary, gave me a couple years ago. I plan I getting a new one maybe next year or on clearance this year. I need to get some new bulbs. I have a few bulbs from my grandparents and since I got my house I have been buying a few new bulbs each year. Sometime this week, I plan on getting some candy canes. I need to get a new sting of lights for the tree too. One bulb on one of the stings I use on the tree is messed up and knocks out a third of that sting. I could spend a lot of money at the Hobby Lobby and their Christmas section. Maybe next weekend, I will make it up to their store to do a little shopping. I have been thinking a cloth to cover up the stand for the tree.

I am looking forward to this Christmas season and sharing the enjoys of the season with my family and friends. I hope to add more decorations to my collection, too.