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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Looking For A Car For Mom

Today, mom had off from work, so we went out looking to see want cars are out there in the price range and meets the needs of my mom. Mom has been without a car for about two years now since she had a wreak with her last car. She has been talking more and more about getting another car. Mom wants to get a mini van or SUV so she will have enough seats for the grand-kids. It gets crowned in my car when we take my sister and her three kids out on day trips.

The unfortunate thing is that mom does not have the money right now in order to get a car. I will try to help her buy a car but in will be a couple month before we are in a position to buy the vehicle she needs. Today's outing was to see want we could get for the price range we can afford. There was not very many options on the two car lots we had time to look at today but it looks like we will be able to get something the will be in rather good shape.

I find car salesmen annoying because they will not let you just look around the lot and decide on your own what you want. We are going to try to look at some more cars on Sunday when some of the dealerships are closed and we can look without being bothered. I do not like being rushed into a purchase and car salesman seem to give me the feeling.

I hope we will be able to save up enough money to get mom a car by the end of the year. Money seems to be really tight right now but we will have a couple bills paid off here soon. The unfortunate thing is I am going to be hiring another lawyer to take care of a couple things. I have a lawyer friend at church that said he will help me find the right lawyer to help with the issues I need help with. I hope it does not cost much but it will be worth it.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

This Weedend's Project: New Faucet In Bathroom

Thursday morning the nut that connected the hot waterline to the faucet in the main bathroom broke. Mom turn the water off at shutoff valve under the sink. Since no water was leaking and the cold water still worked I decided to wait for the weekend to fix it. We also decided to replace the faucet as while. The faucet's handles kept falling apart. I did not like how it looked either.

The Old Faucet

Old Waterline. You can see where the nut broke off.

I have never replaced a faucet before be from looking at it and watching a couple videos on YouTube, it looked easy. I went to Lowe's this afternoon and got all the stuff I needed. I only problem I had was getting the old hot waterline off. Once I got it off things went smoothly. It took a little work to get the old silicone off that the person who installed the old faucet used. I am glad I used plumber's putty. They made stain free plumber's putty for marble and granite.

I got everything installed and I am happy to say with no leaks. I am happy it went so smoothly and works and looks good.

The New Waterlines

The Faucet

I am glad I did the project myself. I do not look forward to doing every project around my house but it feel good to do it yourself and to know you are taking care of your own house.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Cleaning The Trash Cans

Today's project was cleaning the trash cans. I guess it comes from my years of working in food service but I like to gave my trash cans a good cleaning every once in awhile. This afternoon after I got home from church I changed my clothes and headed outside and pulled the trash cans out of the shed. The sprayed them down with Clorox blench spray and let them sit for 30 minutes or so to kill the germs.

After they sat for a little I sprayed them out with the garden hose. I wish I had hot water outside but the Clorox blench spray should kill the germs okay.

They I left the trash cans out in the sun to dry. They look and smell a lot better.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Working On The Yardwork

As you know part of owning a house is doing some yard work. Yard work is one things I do not look forward to doing but at the time thankful that I have to do it and it is my yard I am taking care of.

I have been lucky to only have to mow the yard about once every two weeks this summer. That is from in being so dry this year. It takes me around a hour or so to mow the front and back yard. Since I work second shift, I end up having to mow the yard in the heat of the day. I normally will mow the front yard one day and the backyard the next. I have through about getting a goat to help keep the grass low. It would not be the first time my family have use a goat to maintain the yard. My aunt and uncle had a goat for their property several years ago. Wednesday i did the backyard which I let grow out for the past month and got most of the front yard too. I finished the front yard on Thursday. I hope to save up the money to have a landscape architect help me arrange the trees and plants better. This fall I plan on cutting out a couple brushes and letting them grow back since most of them look half dead.

Saturday, I picked up my friend Seth that helped me with some other projects around the yard. Seth turned my compost pile and add the cardboard from pizza boxes to it. The compost pile is looking good. I try to give the compost pile a good turnover every week or two. It is looking good and I am sure I will be getting some good dirt from it soon.

While Seth was turning the compost pile, I started cleaning the gravel that had gathered it the end of the driveway over the years. I had planned to do it since I moved into the house last September. I used a push broom to push the gravel into a pile and then a shovel to put it bucket. I used the bucket to move the gravel to a spot by my garage. I try to find a way to make use of the things I clean up in the yard. Seth helped me finished cleaning the gravel up after he finished with the compost pile. We moved some 15 buckets worth of gravel from the end of the driveway. I will have to clean a little more gravel up later on but the driveway looks a lot better.

Seth and I had to leave to take the trash to the dump. I have not completely decided if I will continue to take the trash to the dump or hire a garbage service to pick it up. I have been watching the different companies that do the garbage service for my neighbors. There is about 4 different companies that do the garbage service in my neighborhood. One of the services has been in the news lately for not picking up the trash on time in the county to the north of here. It looks like they are having the same problem here. My one neighbor has them pickup their garbage. It have been about two weeks since their trash was last picked up. The other garbage companies seem to pick up the trash of my neighbors the same time every week. The guys that pick up my next door neighbor's trash will pickup their trash even when my neighbor does not put their garbage at the end if their driveway.

Maintaining the yard is a pain sometimes but it feels good to know god has blessed you to have one to call your own. I hope to be able to work on some of the other projects in the yard and in the house this week and next weekend.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Songs And Sounds On Saturday: MacGyver Theme Song

Growing up in the 1980s was go for watching television. I had a couple shows I would not miss each week. MacGyver was my favorite.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Busy Week With Last Day Of Vacation and Going Back To Work

This was a very busy week for me. I had a lot going on this week.

On Monday, I took Mom and Mary, my sister, and her kids out to Pisgah Forest for a day of fun. We got word that my brother-in-law passed away while we were heading out to Pisgah Forest. My brother-in-law and my sister had not been together for years but they were still married since they did not have the money to get the divorce. My oldest niece, Jessica called my sister to tell her he passed away that morning. My brother-in-law was diagnose with cancer in the Fall of 2014. Even though my sister was sadden greatly by the news, we decided to continue on with our plans for the day for the kids and wait for more details on what was going on with plan with my brother-in-law.

Our first spot was the Pisgah Forest Gem Mine which is just a little way up Highway 280 from the entrance of Pisgah National Forest. The guy that owns the gem mine goes to my church he has been a guy I look up to since I was in the youth group. When he lost his job last year, he decided to open the gem mine. He opened the mine a couple month ago and it seems he is off to a great start. His staff really know their stuff and were great with the kids. The kids enjoyed their time and I even did a couple scoops. My nephew, Jason got a good sized ruby.

The kids enjoying the gen mine.

All of us at the gem mine.

Jason and his ruby.

After we finished at the Pisgah Forest Gem Mine, we heading into Pisgah National Forest. We looked around the fish hatchery and then we spend the afternoon at the Candle of Forestry.

The kids enjoyed the displays at the fish hatchery and feeding the fish. The fish from this hatchery go into the streams around Western North Carolina.

Our next stop was the Cradle of Forestry, which tells the story of the first School of Forestry in the United States. Carl Schenck was the teacher at the Forestry School which was on the Biltmore Estate which was the home of George W. Vanderbilt.

Victor pretending to teach in the school.

Carl Schenck's house

My sister, Mary and Victor going to checkout the outhouse.

The commissary where the students got their supplies.

The Blacksmith shop

One of the cabins used by the students. This one was called "The Hell Hole."

The boys on the old logging train.

Julie on the saddle on a log to pretend to ride a house.

Horse driven equipment used to make road.

We finish our day eating a late lunch and then going to watch the Minions movie. All of us enjoyed us day out.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I helped my sister look for a rental car so she could make the trip to Indiana for my brother-in-law's services. We could not find one on Tuesday because everyone had rented out all the cars the had. We managed to get a car that her and the kids would be comfortable riding in for the long trip up to Indiana.

Tuesday, I went back to work. I started in my new position in pick. So far, I am enjoying my new job. I am already getting used to the heights. I am afraid of heights but I have always tried to face my fears. I believe I will continue to improve at pick and maybe learn the other positions in the warehouse.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Wintergreen Falls In DuPont State Forest

Today, my friend, Seth and I went to Wintergreen Falls in DuPont State Forest. We had an enjoyable hike. Since I had not been to the falls before I was not sure if we were on the right trail almost all the way to the falls. Our hike started at the parking area at the Guion farm access. The hike down to the falls took between 20 and 30 minutes.

A long the trail were some big boulders in the woods on the one side of the trail.

When you come to the creek you are just below the falls. I walked up the trail over the rock a long side the creek to get up to the falls.

There is a nice pool of water to swim in but rock are slippery even on the dry part of the rock.

Wintergreen Falls is short falls but as you see very beautiful and well worth the hike to them.

Now that I got the Wintergreen Falls checked off my List of things to see up at DuPont State Forest, I think I will try going to see all the lakes and revisit High Falls and Triple Falls.