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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sifting The Old Compost Pile

This afternoon, I started working on sifting through my old compost pile. I will work a little bit at a time until it is done.

In the front is my old compost pile with the nice rich soil in the back in my new compost pile that I started a couple weeks ago. I got my soil sifter and wheelbarrow.

I put one shovel load in the soil sifter.

Shake the soil sifter picking out big clumps, rocks, and trash out as I shake.

The soil falls though the sifter into the wheelbarrow leaving the bigger piece in the sifter, which I put on the new compost pile. This is so it will continue breakdown and puts the microbes in the new compost pile to help with the breakdown process.

After about 45 minutes, I ended up with a wheelbarrow full of soil for my flower beds.

I picked out some trash most of switch comes from the trash that was in the spot before I moved into the house. The rest is the plastic left from the tape on the cardboard I shred and put on the compost pile.

In the end, I am left with nice rich soil to add to the flower beds around the yard. I was while worth the work.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Much Needed Yard Work

I was lucky enough to have another Saturday off from work. Today, I did some yard work which I have to say was much needed. It has been three weeks since I mowed the grass and the leaves are starting to fall off the trees. I am starting a new compost pile. I need to sift the old compost pile and put the soil from it in the flower beds and the stuff that need to compost some more on the new compost pile.

My neighbors in behind me had a tree come down in there yard a couple weeks ago. The guy their landlord sent to take care of the tree asked me if I wanted some of the wood. He left the wood in the ditch. This past week, I sent a couple days when I did not something else to do throwing the wood over the fence. At some point, I need to get it stacked up by the house to use in the fire pit.

Here is the backyard after I mowed the grass and got the leaves up. The lawnmower is a great way to take care of the leaves and put they on the compost pile.

Here is the front yard before I started my work.

It looks a lot better now I got the grass and leaves done.

The patio was a mess. There was a lot of leaves and acorns on the patio.

I picked up a two buckets of acorns before I started raking the leaves. I only got the one section done today. I hope to get the rest done tomorrow.

The walkway between the house and the garage gets full of leaves quickly.As you can see, Rayna was having fun running around.

The walkways looks very nice after I rake leaves and follow up by sweeping with a push broom.

The pile of leaves from the walk way. I ran the lawnmower down the walkway twice and still had a lot of leaves to rake.

My old compost pile in the front and the one I started a couple weeks ago in the back. I still need to sift the old compost pile. It did make some good dirt for my flower beds.

All the leaves and a small bag of paper I shredded in my shredder made a nice addition to the new compost pile. I will be adding more stuff over the next year before I start a new compost pile next fall.

I did a lot today out in the yard. I think Rayna enjoyed playing and watching me while I worked. I did get more then I was think I would done today. I hope to get some done tomorrow after church. Of course, as more leaves fall from the trees I will have more work to do each weekend I have off.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Shopping With Mom

Tonight my mother and I went shopping in Asheville. My mom wanted to check out so new store she heard opened up recently. Besides we needed to put some mileage on the van.

We headed out after mom got home from work. The weather was cloudy and rainy all day. It was a little windy too from Hurricane Matthew just off the coast. On our way to Asheville Outlets we did see some power lines down from tree coming down on them. The fire department was directing traffic around the wires. Other then that we head a good trip to the stores.

Mom and I walked around the outlet stores, mom was looking for the new stores. She could not find them so she said she must have got the location of the stores wrong. We looked in one store where I found an Angel Calendar for 2017 for mom. Mom collects angels and she gets a angel calendar each year.

After we got the calendar, we split up to go looking for things on our own. I looks around a couple store and found a soil sifter. I have been looking for soil sifter to use to sift my old compost pile. I have already start a new one. I found the soil sifter in the tool store. I need to go there again to get some other tools. I like the sifter but I do wish it was a little bigger.

We eat at the chinese buffet in the shopping center next to the outlet stores. We had a enjoyable dinner. Then you went to the Biltmore Park Town Square since I wanted to look for a couple books at the Barnes and Noble store. I sent an hour looking in different sections for books on the topics I was looking for and could not find one book. I did find some books that I met have ended up buying if I have a place to sit other then the coffee shop to look over the books. Barnes and Noble got stupid and took the chairs they had throughout their stores out. I do not know about other people but I have ended up buying less books from the stores. I have more money to spend on books. Maybe they will put the chairs back in or maybe not.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Getting A Van For Mom

Over the past two weeks, I have been working on getting the title for a van my sister, Mary gave my mother and me for my mom to use to drive to work. It took me two trips to the bank and three trips to the tag office to get the title squared away. I got a temporary tag so I can get the van inspected. Monday, I got the title work done. Tuesday, I managed to get the van from my sister's house over to my house. This morning, I took the van to the garage to get it fixed up to pass the inspection. It needs a tuneup, a new side light, and maybe a new battery. I am hoping a good charge will save the battery for now. I plan to replace it for mom before it gets too cold here. Mom should be able to drive the van tomorrow and over the weekend. We will get it inspected on Monday.

Mom will be happy to have her own transportation to and from work. Mom has always wanted a van too. I will be happy to be able to sleep in a little and not have to get up early to take her to work. I hope I can adjust things once she is driving herself to work to work on the blog and my online store.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Enjoying The Weekend Off

I had the full weekend off this weekend. Work has been going good. We are starting to get caught up with the orders. We have been getting more time off on the weekends.

Friday I got a new paper shredder from the store. I have been getting paper shredder from thrift stores but the price of the shredders have got up and the last one did not even work. The last few I gotten and found in the thrift stores were ones that just did the long cuts. I decided, I be better off getting a new shredder from the store in of a used one from the thrift store. The got one that cuts the paper down to a two-inch stripe. The smaller pieces work better for my compost pile and the recycling. Saturday, I worked on shredding my pile of paper and cardboard. It took my all afternoon to shred it. I ended up with two full bags of shredded paper. one for recycling and one for the compost pile. The new shredder works great shreds the cardboard with ease. The bag of white paper and cardboard will go on the compost and the colored paper goes to the recycling center.

I ended up napping Saturday night and Sunday afternoon after church and shopping. I had planned to work on my books for my online store this weekend but I have not gotten to it yet. Maybe later tonight I will. I wanted to do a blog post. I need to work on getting back to posting on the blog regularly. This year, I have been working so much, I have been ending up sleeping during the little time off I have. I miss doing my blog and hearing found my readers. I hope with work getting back to normal, I will back into blogging. I have been thinking of some ideas for myself to enjoy and make the blog interesting.

I have some work projects to do around the house. I hope to get a little hiking in if I can get my schedule to match up with my friends so I have someone to go with me. My mother and I are planning a couple trips in the coming year that I will share my adventure with you here on the blog. I know this year, has not been all that good up the blog with my focus on other things and I thank those of you who stayed and continue to follow the blog.

As I get back into Blogging, things should be interesting and fun. I hope you enjoy following my adventures and reading my post.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Got Back Home And Back To Normal LIfe!

I had a enjoyable time in Kokomo, Indiana, last weekend while up there to attend my nephew's wedding. I wish I had more time to spend exploring the area up there. I even got information about places to go but I will have to wait for my next trip up to Kokomo.

My Mom and I stayed until Tuesday morning. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Kokomo. The staff there made our stay so enjoyable. We had good trip back to North Carolina with just a few idiot drivers to deal with. We did not stop until we got to the Welcome Center Rest Stop in Tennessee just after leaving Kentucky. I would have stopped sooner but the only rest stop we saw in Kentucky had a sign at the exit saying it was closed. It felt good to get out of the car and walk around a little.

Mom and I decided to stop after getting through Knoxville to stop for dinner and maybe look around some of the stores. I ended up stopping for gas before getting to Knoxville but we did stop in Sevierville for dinner and shopping. We first stopped at the Bass Pro Shop which is right off Interstate 40. Mom and I looked a around a little before heading down the road to go to the Smoky Mountain Knife Works which was the main reason, I stopped at the Sevierville Exit. Before looking looking around the knife works, we eat dinner a little Barbeque restaurant. It was a nice looking place but the Barbecue had no favor. You had to use the sauce on the table which luckily was very good. I guess it was from being tired from driving all day but I remember the knife works being more interesting. I bought a coffee mug for my coffee mug collection. We also got a a t-shirt for a friend of my sister who watched my house while we were away. I was surprised they did not have more stuff with their name on it and what we did find was in the back corner on the store. I would have brought a coffee mug and something else. But again, I may have missed other stuff from being tired from my drive. I am thinking of making a trip to Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville in November with mom to do a little Christmas shopping. Maybe with more rest I will enjoy shopping there more and see more of the stuff I wanted to see.

When I got home Tuesday night, I pretty much just crashed. I was planning to do a blog post when I got home Tuesday but, instead I fell asleep on the sofa before getting up and going to bed. It did feel good to be home. Rayna, my dog was very happy that I was home.

Work this week went good. We had a lot to do but we got enough done to enjoy the three day weekend for Labor Day. While I was gone, seven people quit or got let go. Some of the new people seem to be going a good job. I hope they continue to do a good job and stay.

I am enjoying my weekend relaxing and doing a little work around the house. I hope to get some reviews done for the places I visited while on my vacation. I need to start planning how to use the vacation days I have left. I am thinking of a trip to Eastern Tennessee, Charlotte, North Carolina or both.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Family Time And Exploring Around Kokomo, Indiana

My trip is coming to a end. Tomorrow mom and I head home. Sunday, mom and I spend our day visiting with family. Monday, we explored around Kokomo, Indiana ending our day having dinner at my niece's house.

Mom and I, stay two extra days on this trip for the wedding to spend time with my niece. We didn't get to see her much on the trip to come to her wedding back in June. We almost did not get to spend much time with her since one of her kids was sick in the hospital. Fortunately, he was released from the hospital, Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon we spend at her home with my sister and my other niece and nephews. After our visit we head over to my nephew, Justin's house. Him and his bride thanked us for traveling up from North Carolina and the gift we got will be used a lot and was just want they wanted. My sister started on her way back home in North Carolina and Mom and I head out to eat.

On Monday, after I eat breakfast, I went and got my tire patched. Mom and I first went to Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company and looked at the gift shop. We wanted to take the tour but they only offer one tour each day at 10 AM. It seemed that they would have do a tour for us if they were not short of staff today. I guess some of their staff were still cleaning up from the tornado the hit Kokomo last Wednesday. The tornado's path past just a block away from the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company. I wanted to see the Kokomo Automotive Heritage Museum and the Seiberling Mansion but both were closed today. Mom and I ended looking around some of the stores in Kokomo. Mom and I found some angels to add to her collection back. I found a couple coffee mugs to add to my collection. I would have brought more angels and mugs if I have the extra money. I found a 9 episode dvd disc of Dungeons & Dragons The Animated series for only 99 cents. I brought it because I remember watching it the cartoon when I young. Hey and for 99 cents I figured I could not go wrong.

My niece invited my mom and I for dinner tonight. After our day of exploring Kokomo we enjoyed our visit with Jessica. She told us that the tornado touchdown in the corn yield in that is behind her house. We are happy to report no damage to her house.

I was sadden to hear of the passing on Gene Wilder. I have had many hours of being entertained by him.