Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jazz For Cows

This is a group called The New Hot 5. Watch the cows in the video.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Starting To Move

Sorry for not posting anything in awhile. I have been busy with my new house. The closing was on Wednesday. I have been getting the house setup and things moved in. My plan is to have everything moved In by the end of next weekend.

My mom and sister are going to be helping me clean the new house Sunday after noon and hopefully get the curtains hung. I hope to get all the books for my online store that I have not listed yet moved over to the new house. Which will give me more room to pack up the rest of my stuff at the old place. I am so excited about getting into the new house and cannot wait for the first night where I can sleep in the new house.

As I have been getting things setup I have been coming across different problems with the house which I have been working on fixing. My friend, Keith, who is an electrician, is going to update the electrical in the house. I need to wait for him to finish his work before I can move the washer and dryer since part of the job includes raising the floor in the utility room. The platform will make it easier to run wires and pumping in that section on the house since it is on a slab.

I worry about the cost of some of the things I need to do but I trust God will provide for my needs for the new house. I got some money at the closing to cover the closing cost. I also will get a refund for the home inspection hopefully within the week. I already got so well needed new tires for my car with an alignment which will help the move go smoother. The bad thing is the car repairs cost me $600. I still need to pay Keith for his work, get refrigerator and a lawn mover. I'll need to now the lawn at least once before fall. I got curtains to put up on the windows. I have a couple other projects to do to make the house livable and safe. I would like to put so of the money aside for the all important emergency fund.

Ah the joys of home ownership. It is stressing but at least I have the power to do things that need to be done and do not need to wait on the landlord to take care of it.

I am planning to have one of the ministers at my church to do a house dedication. God provided the house to Jo Anne and I and we want to dedicate it to him. We want the thing that happen in the house to my a blessing to your family, friends and many other people around the world.

All we need now is the approval of Jo Anne's Visa. I wish I could share what is going on there but we would like to keep that private at this time. Jo Anne and I would like to thank you for you continued prayers for us. We believe God is working the issues out for us to be together soon.

Even with us being so far apart, Jo Anne has been very involved in finding the house. She would look at the MLS listings and I would send her photos of the houses I liked and looked at. When we both was our new house we both agreed even before looking at it in person to put a offer on the house. God opened all the doors for us to get the house.

We had a great team helping us find of new home. I would like to thank Susan the realtor who did a wonderful job. She have done some great follow up work after the closing. She is a true professional. Derek with the montage company and his assistant Roxanne for their work in making the loan happen.

If things go as planned my mom and I will be moved into the new house next weekend. I will be glad to get fully moved into the house. I am sure I will have lots of store to share on this blog with the happens at the house.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

VeggieTales - Gideon the Tuba Warrior

I love Veggie Tales!

Bridal Veil Falls At DuPont State Recreational Forrest

This Saturday, my friend, Seth and I hiked to the Bridal Veil Falls at DuPont State Recreational Forrest between Hendersonville and Brevard, North Carolina.

Some flowers along the way.

Trail sign at the begin of the trail leading to the falls.

The barn just before you get the the falls.

Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly that I saw at the falls.

Now for my adventure up the Bridal Veil Falls. There was several people at the falls walking up and down and enjoying the falls.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So Long Robin Williams!

I was sadden to hear the news while at work that Robin Williams was found dead at his home. He will be missed. He brought us many great moments in the movies.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

House Process Craziness

I have been wanting to post more post over the past couple weeks but it seems like every time I sat down to work on a post I couple a call or email about a form I needed to sign or some paper to take to the loan company. I think I signed a form about lead based paint four times already. For the last two weeks, I have been trying to get my landlord to do a rent verification for the loan company. I think the loan processor, my landlord and I have been playing phone tag. My landlord finally talked with the loan processor on Friday. He said he will fill the form he needs to fill out and send it in the the loan company. I will be so glad to have this process over with. Right now the closing is set for the end of the month. I will spend my Labor Day Weekend cleaning the new house and starting to move in. I am so excited. I cannot wait to bring Jo Anne home to our new house. No new on her Visa but Jo Anne and I believe God is putting things in place for us to be together.

I have been collecting boxes from work to use during the move. I started to plan out what order to move thing to the house. I plan to move my none listed books to the new house first to free up the room to pack up everything else. I have been trying to decide if I should go with the cable company or the phone company for my internet and television at the new house. I have my friend and mentor who is an electrician ready to come and work on some of the electrical stuff I need done in the house. I need to find a refrigerator too. In my searching for a house I looked a few houses that the house did not come with a refrigerator.

I hope there is no more problems to take care of for the house until after the closing. I want to focus on getting ready to move in and getting the utilities setup. I sure things will be okay with the loan paperwork now. I have some friends ready to help me with the move. I will update you as I can here. Looking forward to the work projects around the house.