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Friday, July 20, 2018

Photo Of The Week: Two Roses

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Oh No, No Water!

I got home from work Monday night and I had no water. I checked the breaker box and it checked out good. I waited for the morning to open the well and check the pressure regulator and the pump. Got a little water but no pressure. I called my friend, Keith that is an electrician, he came by and checked the electrical part of the pump. I told me it looked like the pump was bad. Recommended a plumped to me. I called the plumper and he was at my house within the hour. He just needed to finish the project he was working on. When he and his crew came we talked a little about want happened and information about the well. Then they checked out the well. The tank had a leak and it was caused the pump to run on and off until the pump burn out. They left and got the stuff they needed to fix my issue. While they where out I went to the bank to rearrange their payment. When I got back home they were already working on the new pump and tank. I am glad they did such a good and quick job.

The bright side of things with the pump going out is that now I now how deep my well is and I should not have any water issue for awhile. If the new pump last as long as the old one did it will be a very long time before I need to replace the pump again.

Some things are a pain when you own your own house. At least, when you own the house you do not have to wait on someone else to call someone to fix a problem and you are not stuck with the person even if you not happy with there work. I am happy to say I am happy will the service I got from the plump Tuesday and only having to go with no water for less then a day. I am happy with the work they did and when I get around to doing the other plumbing things I need done on the house they will be at the top of the list of people I call. Plus I was able to work half a night at work. I thank God for the resources you provides for me.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Garden Jubilee And Relaxing

I was happy to have a three day weekend, this week end. Saturday a slept in a little. When I got up, I got ready and headed to Main Street in town, for Hendersonville's Garden Jubilee.I enjoyed going to the Garden Jubilee each year. I go to get some ideas for my yard. I hope by next year, I will have a little extra money to buy a few things from the vendors. I did like a few things I was this year and get some go ideas from the displays. I did see some cool things for the fairy garden, I have been thinking about setting up in my front yard.

I took my camera and my new cell phone that I got on Thursday. Yes, I got a new cell phone this week. I have been thinking about getting a new phone since the speaker was not working good on my old phone for months and finally this pass week the battery was not charging and keeping a charge. When I went to take my first picture, I found out I left the memory card for my camera in my laptop at home. I used my new phone to take a few pictures. I needed to learn how the camera on my phone worked at first. I am glad I figured it out.

If I ever get around to doing the landscaping of my yard that i want to do, I would like to had a few places to sit and relax. This was a display by Briggs Garden Center, a local nursery setup in their vendor area. This nursery always has a great setup for the Garden Jubilee.

I need a riding mower and I think, I found one here. This was in the Troy Bilt both in the Lowe's area.

After about a little over an hour of looking around the Garden Jubilee, I rushed home to mow the yard before the afternoon rain. I managed to get the front yard mowed just in time for the rain to start and mom getting home. I hope to get the backyard tomorrow of later this week. I have some weeding to do in the front yard.

Mom and I, went out to dinner with my friend Seth. We went to Biltmore Park Town Square and looked around the shops and to eat at Brixx Wood Fired Pizza. Mom wanted to get her favorite, the Spicy Shrimp Pizza. Seth had never been there before but he said it was the best pizza he had. We looked around REI, Seth is working a getting some things together to go hiking on the Appalachian Trail. I got some things for Rayna, at the Woof Gang Bakery. She loves the treats I get for her there.

Seth spent the night with us so he could go to church with me, Sunday Morning. We both made it to church. After church, Seth and I made a quick walk through the Garden Jubilee. It had to be quick since the rain about to start at any minute while we were walking around and looking and the items for sale and the displays.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Some Times Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart

So far 2018, has been one of those year that everything seems to be falling apart. This past week, I took my car in the garage twice. This is the fifth and sixth time, I have taking to my car into the garage this year. The only reason, I took the car in twice this week was my mechanic and I was hopping I only needed to change out the wires instead of the more expensive part. while it turned out the more expensive part was bad too. I made the mistake of paying my car off earlier this year. My car has been a good car without many issue so far. It has 191,000 miles on it at this time. I hope to get a lot more out of it. Everything, I am getting done on the car can be considered regular maintenance for the car. It is a little irritating having to that the car in to get worked on once a month for something other then an oil change. The good thing, I guess, is that it is something different each time and I have the resources to take care of it. I plan on taking it in one more time before my trip in June to have the brakes done on the car. I am going to have to put off getting my driver's door handle fixed until after my trip.

I also have brought a new laptop this weekend. One of the hinges on the laptop off and the top glass is cracked. I still can and will use the laptop but I do not want to be without a laptop if the screen goes completely out. After looking at several different laptops, I decided to go with the updated version of the one I had. From talking to people and reading the reviews online about the issues I had with the laptop that broke it seems I may have had a bad unit. I spent Saturday night and Sunday afternoon getting the new laptop setup. Some good news, is that I manage to figure out some important features out with the video editing program, I plan to use YouTube. I believe I need to look for a different selfie stick for my camera. The short tripod I have does not seems to be up for the job but I still can use it for other things.

We have been having a lot of rain in Western North Carolina, this past week. There was been a lot of flooding and some mudslides. One lady died then I mudslide hit her house in the county next to the one I live in. I have seen the water get higher then I seen it before in the area where it floods on my way to work and running my errands. Before, I headed out to get my new laptop on Saturday, I have to move somethings out of my garage because of the water getting in my garage. I will need to get up early one day before work and try to make a run to the dump to get rid of some of the stuff that got damaged and I do not need anymore. When I moved into my house, we just dumped a lot of stuff in the garage but not had the time to really got through it yet.

On the bright side of things, I have been getting a lot of positive feedback about my job at work from management and the leads. I hope to get a little more overtime before my trip, so I have a little more spending money for my trip in June. But, I will not be doing anything to cause the overtime. I will be filling in for one of the leads this coming week twice switch will be some extra money for me.

I am sure things will get better here with things falling apart and I will enjoy my trip. I hope no worries with the car on my trip.