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Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Christmas Song From A Local Band

The Steep Canyon Rangers are a local band that has a member from the band you may know. Here is a Christmas song from them. I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Working Overtime Before Christmas

We have been working a lot of overtime at work lately. The reason for the overtime is most from people using their remaining vacation before the end of the year, people just laying out of work, sickness, weather and back orders being processed since the factory in Puerto Rico in starting to get back working. The company I work for changed the vacation policy which ended up with more vacation for the employees. Scheduling vacation is a little harder since their is only so many people that can take a day off of a day so production can continue to go out the door. Of course you have the people who seem to take days off any time the can. I do not play the take days off game because I seen too many people do it and lose their job for taking too many days off. Which brings up the sickness. The has been a cold going around work the past few weeks. I caught it and got it over with in a few days. the worst part of my cold was on my last vacation day and weekend. I do not just take days off unless I am sick because I want to make sure I have the days if I do get sick and need to take a day off. Last Friday, work was cancelled due to a snow storm. We worked schedule overtime Saturday but not full shifts because some people could not get into work because not all the road in the area where clear yet. The state scrapped the road I lived on Saturday morning so I was able to get into work. I worst part about the snow is the snow melting in the day time and freezing at night when the temperature drops. I do not mind driving in the snow but I cannot drive on ice. The snow put us more behind on our work with us starting to process back orders from the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico. As the factory, get slowly back online and shipping things out to us at the warehouse, we fill the orders. Many the the worker at the factory in Puerto Rico still do not have power at their home. The factory has power only because it is on the same line as the hospital. It is nice that the company has setup things up things for the workers to that shower and do laundry when that work their shift. I rather not be working so much during the holiday season but the paycheck comes in handy. With the overtime, I will be able to pay my car off by the end of the year and put a little more money in my savings. Maybe things will settle down after the new year and be able to rest a little.

Friday, December 08, 2017

First Snow Of The Season

Today, we got are first real first snow in my area of the Mountains of North Carolina. They were only forecasting only an inch (2.5 cm) of snow but I measured 8 (20 cm) to 9 (23 cm) inches of snow at 7 PM tonight in my yard. I knew we were going to get some snow but this was a lot more then I expected. I only drove in the snow to take and pickup my mother to and from her work. The warehouse where I work canceled work for tonight. I am enjoying my night resting and looking out at the snow that is still coming down.

The roads were not too bad while I was out but there was a lot of wreaks the emergency services where taking care of around the town. From the roads around my house it looks like most of my neighbors stay home today.

The snow looked beautiful as it was coming down today. I enjoyed watching it and looking at my yard full of snow. I will not be enjoying the snow when I got to work on cleaning it up and get out and start driving around.

Mom did not get to go out for her steak dinner at the Ingles Market, which she does every Friday. I planned ahead and stopped at the Wal-mart on the way home from work Thursday night and got some steaks for us. I cooked her steak dinner for her tonight. I am sure it was not as good as the one she gets at the store but I still did a good job. I prepared four cheese mashed potatoes and Asian style rice and vegetables I enjoy cooking for the people I love.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Starting To Decorate For Christmas

Since I was young, it has been a tradition for me to start decorating to Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. Today, I started with putting the Welcome sign on the door and the welcome mat in front of the door. I put the outdoor lights on the bushes out front and put the Christmas tree put in the living room.

Today, while I was out taking care of a few things for the house, I brought a Christmas welcome sign for the front door. I have been trying to get a welcome sigh for the different holidays and season throughout the year. Now I have one for Christmas. I have one for Easter, Spring and Thanksgiving. I hope to continue my collection as the different holidays and seasons come and I have the money to get the them.

I enjoy Christmas lights on the outside of a house. I wish I could do more but for now the blue lights on the brush by the front window is all I can do. I need to get at least one set of the lights since one of the sets has dead spot but they still look nice.

I setup the Christmas tree today, too. Yes, I have an artificial Christmas tree. I grew up with an artificial Christmas tree and live trees make me uncomfortable because of the fire risk. The tree my grandparents had when I was young was from when my mom was young. I enjoyed putting the tree together each year. The tree, I have now is one my sister, Mary, gave me a couple years ago. I plan I getting a new one maybe next year or on clearance this year. I need to get some new bulbs. I have a few bulbs from my grandparents and since I got my house I have been buying a few new bulbs each year. Sometime this week, I plan on getting some candy canes. I need to get a new sting of lights for the tree too. One bulb on one of the stings I use on the tree is messed up and knocks out a third of that sting. I could spend a lot of money at the Hobby Lobby and their Christmas section. Maybe next weekend, I will make it up to their store to do a little shopping. I have been thinking a cloth to cover up the stand for the tree.

I am looking forward to this Christmas season and sharing the enjoys of the season with my family and friends. I hope to add more decorations to my collection, too.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Family Together For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day went a lot smoother then I was thinking it was going to go. This was the first Thanksgiving is several years that my aunt was not without us or at least talking to us on the phone. My sister, Mary, drove two hours to bring my cousin, Johnny, and his family up for Thanksgiving, Wednesday night. My youngest sister came on Monday, her boyfriend, Lucas, came on Wednesday night and stayed until today when Mom and I took them home. On Thanksgiving Day, I took a little break from cooking to go pickup my brother, Steven and his girlfriend, Velma from the group home. My brother, Tim and his wife, Candy, came over too. Mary cooked the turkey and a couple sides at her house before coming over with her kids and my cousin and his family. I cooked a ham and some other sides. We all had a good time talking and eating. We eat our Thanksgiving meal shortly after mom got home from work.

While Lisa was staying with us, I got her to help with some yard work. She raked most of the leaves up from the backyard and the side of the house. She did a great job and now I have a big pile of leaves on my compost pile. I am sure I will have a lot of good dirt for the gardening projects around the yard in the spring and summer. With continuing to add food scraps and more yard waste to the compost pile I should have a quality of dirt from the compost pile.

The pile of leaves Lisa raked up.

While my brother was at my house, him and my cousin, Johnny removed some branches from one of the tress in the backyard. A couple months ago, one of the branches broke and I could not get it down myself. The tree looks a lot better now. I will have a lot of firewood for fires in the fire pit in the backyard and for the wood stove in the house if I ever use it. I have not used the wood stove yet since I have not had it inspected. I still have a ton of stuff to do around the house but at least, I am get some of it done now. I am thankful for my family and my house where my family enjoys coming.

Tim up in the tree cutting branches.

The pile of branch from the tree that I need to cut now.

I had a good Thanksgiving this yard. I am thankful my family the most and glad I got to spend time with them. I cannot wait for Christmas to get here.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Day Of Yardwork

I spent today doing yard work to get ready for the holidays and winter. I went and got my friend, Seth, and he helped me with the yard work. We pulled weeds cut the little trees that I do not want in the flower beds down threw them over the back fence. We also raked some leaves and put them on the compost pile. Seth picked up the wood that was next to the house and put it on the wood pile while I raked the leave out of the area. I need to clean up around the wood pile but I am waiting for my brother to come over and help me with the tree that broke earlier this year. The broken branch make it hard to get around the part of the yard where the wood pile is and clean. We did a lot before the rainy weather moved in. The yard already looks with what we got done. I still have a lot done. I left the one flower there since it already survived the cold nights that we already had.

In The flower beds by the house in the front I pulled the weeds and pruned the brushes. Next weekend, I will be putting some Christmas lights on these brushes.

The flower beds by the road, I and Seth pulled weeds, cut the dead flowers off and I cut the tree cut that I did not want there.

The flower bed in the middle of the driveway, I and Seth pulled up the wood that made a border around it, since the wood was all rotted. I do not have plans to put a new border around it right now. I have plans to pull the wood borders from the flower beds in front of the house. I cut the trees out I did not want growing their and pruned the rose brush. I had Seth raked the leaves on to it.

After my mom got home and Seth and I finished up with the yard work, we went and looked around the Hobby Lobby store. I treated Seth to dinner at Ruby Tuesday. I am glad they added some stuff back to their salad bar. I guess the next time I go their I will order water as my drink. I am trying to cut back on drinking soda and their sweet tea is not sweet at all. Good sweet tea is an art form. You need to add sugar enough to sweet the tea but still taste the tea. Ruby Tuesday needs to add more sugar to their tea. The food tasted good.

Using My Last Vacation Day

Today, I took off work to use up my last vacation day. I spent most of my day resting. When mom got home we got ready to head out for a little ride and mom's regular dinner at the grocery store. When we got back home my sister, Mary was there with her kids and we had a good visit.

This was an eventful week. Wednesday night on the way home I saw three guys standing in the road over another man who was hit by a truck. I stopped to check to see if things were okay and if 911 had been called. One of the guys said he already called 911 and the emergency services where on there way. I got back in my car and turned my car around so my headlights would provide more light to check on the guy in the road. I stay until the police came and said I was okay to go. The guy and his friends where crossing the road when he was hit. It looked like whoever hit him did not even slow down let alone stop. The guy and his friend where drunk and possibly high on something. I feel sorry for the guy who got hit and hope he is okay. The other thing that happen was a business next to where my brother works caught on fire. The tow employees in the building manage to get out alive. The cause of the fire is believed to be a space heater in a box truck. The fire destroyed the building. Mom and I drove out by the business to check the damage ourselves. I feel for the ones that lost their work. I hope they rebuild and the employee can get back to work.

After checking the fire damage, mom and I headed to the Ingles Market in Mills River, North Carolina. Mom goes out there on Fridays for Steak Night. She enjoys going and it is a highlight of her week. The staff take good care of her and even start setting up the table for her when they see her. I think mom really likes it when I am able to join her. I enjoyed watching mom talk with the staff asking them about their Thanksgiving plans and other stuff going on their lives. I am glad mom has something she enjoys doing each week.

We enjoyed our visit with my sister and her kids when we got back home. Mary and I talked about our plans for Thanksgiving Day. I am going to have a full house. My sister and her three kids are coming over. I am glad Mary is going to help with the cooking. My cousin and his family is coming up from Lenoir, North Carolina. Then my sister Lisa is coming with her close friend, Lucas. My brother Tim said he will come over as well.

Prime Rib dinner

Apple Dessert

I am happy to say that mom and I received our wall calendars for 2018. Mom got a calendar with angels. I got one of the lighthouses of the Great Lakes.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Help A Friend With House Work

One thing I enjoy doing is helping people. Today, I spend some time helping my friend, Seth, do some cleaning around his help. Seth has some metal issues and lives alone and in September and October, about the only thing Seth does at house is sleep since he is working at the local Haunted Farm. It is the highlight of his year and he enjoys doing it. Seth's house was not a complete mess but it was a little much for one person to clean. It was good to spend some time with Seth too. As we worked on cleaning his house we talked about a few thing to do next year when we have time to hang out. After a couple hours of work, his house looked a whole lot better and Seth was happy.

We talked about walking around Asheville, North Carolina for him to take pictures for the North Carolina Mountain State Fair next year. He did good in the Photo Contest back in September. I guess I should see if Seth will let me share his photos here. We also talked about going up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I hope to get a new camera for myself before next summer. I am trying to decide on which camera to get.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Chili At My Sister's House

Sunday night, my mom and I, went over to my sister's house for dinner. We had some of the chili that was leftover from the Fall Festival that my sister, Mary goes too. It was good to spend some time with my sister and her kids. The kids seemed to enjoy seeing me since they have not seen much of me this summer with both me and my sister working so much this summer. We had a beef chili and a chicken chili to choose from for dinner. I had the beef chili, it was more beans then beef but it still tasted good. The chicken chili looked a little more like soup then I like. I have been avoiding soup the pass year. I have a texture things going on with soup right now. I like to make my chili thicker then both the chilies were and a lot more spice then the beef one I had. I could have done with less beans in the chili. I need to plan a couple things for the family besides Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know the kids enjoy doing s'mors. I have been thinking about changing my fire pit to make it a little bigger and easier to start a fire in and clean it out.