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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Survived The First Week Of The New Computer System

Monday was the first day of live use of the new computer system at the warehouse where I work. This week was a crazy week. Monday night I stood around a lot. The few orders I did get the computer seemed to stop communicate with the server a lot. Tuesday, I picked a lot more but was still having the communication problem. At one point, I was tempted to throw the handheld I was using at the wall. I am glad that on Wednesday and Thursday they had me pick some orders off paper or otherwise I would have lost my mind. Friday and Saturday things went a lot smoother since the computer guys got a lot of the bugs worked out. There still are a lot of bugs to work out but most of them are in other parts of the warehouse.

It looks like I'll be working a lot of overtime for the next several weeks. I do believe once the bugs are worked out and everyone gets used to the new computer system things will return back to normal at work. They are calling for a winter storm this week but it does not seem like it will too bad.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Starting To Clear The Snow

Today was a nice day to get out and walk and work on cleaning up after the snow storm. I measured 9 inches of snow in the backyard today. I figured there was 9 to 12 inches in the yard depending where you measured. On the local news said the main part of town got almost 16 inches of snow.

It was cold and windy but I was still able to do the work I needed to do outside. I decided with the amount of snow and the condition of the road not to go out anywhere again today. My mom's boss was not happy mom called out of work again but risking our lives and at the least damage to my car for the minimum wage he pays her is not worth it. I get paid twice as much at my job and I would have called off of work if I did have off already. Besides he could do what the old manage would do and come pick mom and take her to work. Even if I took her to work, he most likely would not show appreciation.

I hope to get out tomorrow. I feel, I will be able to get out to the main road but, I worry about being able to make it back up to the house. I will have some cat liter in the car if I need it.

The driveway before I got around to clearing the snow off it.

Rayna and I walked down to the main road around 2 PM.

One of my neighbors got his tractor out and scraped the lower part of the neighborhood. Hope the state will be able to scrap and salt the neighborhood Sunday.

The main was was still white when I checked it at 2 PM. I saw two DOT trucks go by as I was down checking the main road.

The kids in the neighborhood made good use of the snow and the hills.

While I worked on clearing the driveway, my mom cleaned off the car.

I managed to get the driveway cleared so I hopefully get out tomorrow to take mom to work. I shoveled a little and then I would go back inside to rest and warm back up. I got the driveway done in three stages. I threw some ice melt down on the sidewalk and driveway.

Here is the road at the end of the day. Only four-wheel drive was going in and out in my neighborhood. One truck slide into the ditch on the road behind my house. He was able to get back out without assistance.

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Big Snow Of January 2016

Hi everyone one. I had today off from work due to the snow storm that is still dumping snow outside. I am glad that it has been more snow then ice. Yesterday, the weather forecast was different every time and on every different source I looked at. I have been working some overtime at work due to the upcoming switch over to a new computer system at work. When I am at home I have not had the energy to do much but sleep. When I do feel like doing things, I need to work on different projects around the house which I seem to be way behind on. So that is the reason for the lack of post lately.

I wanted to take a little time to share some pictures of the snow here. The measured the snow around one in the afternoon today and I had 9 inches (22 cm) out in the front yard. It is still snowing and is supposed to continue throughout tight into Saturday morning. They are calling for a total snow fall where I live between 12 inches (30cm) to 16 inches (40 cm).

The front yard.

The patio

The fire pit is almost covered up.

The swing, I guess I am not going to be swinging.

Rayna having some fun playing in the snow.

I hope I can get out by Monday so I can get back to work. The mailman did not deliver the mail at the house today. The road crew does a good job with keeping the highways and main roads open. once the snow stops they get the secondary and other roads cleared quickly but this is a lot more snow then we normally get. I will work on clearing the driveway and walkways here at the house tomorrow. Maybe get out in the afternoon after some of my neighbors with 4 wheel drive make the roads drive-able for we. I more worried if I get out about getting back up the the house. I have some cat liter to help get traction for the hill at the entrance of my neighborhood.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Starting The Year Trying To Catch Up

I have started 2016 out trying to catch up on the house work and work on my online store. In December, I worked a lot of overtime at work. I was planning to use my time off on my Christmas break to get caught up on the house cleaning I need to do. That did not happen since I got sick the day after Christmas and got nothing done around the house.

This weekend, I and glad to say I managed to make good process on the house work. I got all the Christmas decorations down. I still need to storage them up I am working on organization the garage. Part of organizing the garage is sorting and consolidating the bubble wrap I use for my online store. I got it about three-quarters the way done and the bubble wrap looks like it will take less then half the room it was taking up before I started. I even found some boxes that I use for my online store. I am off to a good start on the garage. I priced some shelves to put in the garage to help organize it. I am glad that the shelves where less expensive that I was thinking they would be. I hope to start getting the shelves later this month.

Today I got around to setting up a new log for my online store. I need to go through the books I got listed on eBay and my room for the books I have listed but do not have on the shelves where I keep my listed books. Once I get that done I need to vacuum my office and my bedroom.

I need to shredded some paper for my compost pile and the recycling. I need to found I screen to use to sift the part of the compost pile that is already dirt and the part that til need to turn into dirt.

I have a lot of projects to do around the house. I need to do a better job on working on the different projects.

Monday, December 07, 2015

My View on The San Benardino Attack

With you the terrorist attack in San Benardino, California last week lots of people have ask my opinion on the issues that have come up as we learn more about the people behind the attack. The issues of gun control, immigration and radical Islam. We live in a world in which some people do evil things to others who are a different race, come from a different place and / or whole different beliefs. Evil should be called evil no matter who does it. The two that carried out the terrorist attack were part of the radical Islam movement. I do not believe or do I condemn all people who follow the religion of Islam. I know a few Muslims and I do not believe they would carry out such acts. They work hard to support their families and better their lives just as I do. Calling these terrorist members of radical Islam is not declaring war on all Muslims. I stand with Muslims who stand against radical Islam. Every time their is a mass shooting there are people that talk about banning guns. These shooting are not a gun problem but a heart issue. Guns are tools and like all tools, there is a right way to use they and a wrong way. Instead of banning the use of guns, we should ensure people are educated in the proper use and care of guns. Guns should be used to provide food and protection. Guns should not be flashed around. Their are ways to care a gun that people will never know you have a gun on you. If you are in a mass shooting and you have a gun you should use your guns to get yourself and others to safety and leaving confronting the suspects to the police. As my regular followers to this blog know I have been working on getting my Love, Jo Anne here. I do get upset when I hear about these people that carry out these terrorist attack and they come into the United States on a Visa. Jo Anne and I want to better our lives and better the United States and use the blessings of the United States to help other people. I does not trust the government's vetting process. I was questions about if the information giving on their application was verified. Did they get the express treatment? Is it harder for the government to verify then me to verify someone address? I support people coming to the United States to better themselves and the lives of their families. I do not support people coming here to kill people. Maybe when someone comes here on a Visa they should have to check-in with the government every so often. Maybe doing a more detailed background especially when a person is coming from a country know for where terrorist come from and or support of terrorist groups. In time I will go into my details on where I stand on these issues but I do not what this blog to become full of political stuff.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Jason's 11th Birthday Dinner

Tonight, Mom and I treated my nephew, Jason out for his eleventh birthday. We went to the Flat Rock Wood Room in Flat Rock, North Carolina. It is hard to believe Jason is already eleven years old. It does not seem that long ago that he was born. A lot of people say he looks a lot like me.

Jason getting ready Pulled Pork Bar-b-Que sandwich.

I had the Flat Rock Special Pinino.

They had a nice Christmas Tree on the front deck.

The three of us enjoyed our dinner. I believe Jason enjoyed getting away from his brother and sister for a little bit.

Songs and Sounds on Saturday: Air Supply - Lost In Love

Growing up the best love songs came from the music group Air Supply. Their songs still speak to your heart when your in love.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Songs and Sounds on Saturday: Awesome God - Rich Mullins

One of my favorite songs in High School was Awesome God by Rich Mullins.

The idea for Songs and Sounds on Saturday came from A Mixed Bag by Valerie. Please take the time to visit her blog.