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Monday, January 16, 2017

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.

If I sat down and made a list of people in history I would like to sit down and talk with, Martin Luther King, Jr would be high on that list. I would be honored to have him come to my house and share a meal with me and talk about life. When he was assassinated on April 4, 1968, we lost a great treasure. Below is the speech he gave the night before he was shot.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Six Inches Of Snow

Friday night, the first snow of 2017 started coming down. It ended up being 6 inches of snow. It look beautiful as it covered everything. Since it was more of a powder it was easy to clear it from the driveway and cars.

Front Yard

Some of my neighbor made it out early. Not much going out and coming back in.

The Patio

The Swing

The rest of the backyard.

The Ice-cycles

Walkway between the house and Garage.

I enjoyed seeing the snow. This snow, I stayed inside most of the time since I had been sick the past week plus the fact that it got extremely cold and windy especially at night. It was good to take the extra rest and not have to worry about going anywhere.

I am sure, I will be busy at work this week to make up for the the warehouse closing early Friday night and on top of only have a few people working on my shift Friday night. I need to start working on some of my outside of work stuff that I have been putting off. I hope everyone is having a good and safe year so far.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Goals For 2017

The Year of 2016, was a year of many good things and bad things for me. I am happy to say it ended on a happy note, which I explain here in a little. On the work front, I got three pay raises and two promotions in 2016. With the new computer system at work I got a lot of overtime. The overtime was go for the extra money but I did not have time to focus on much of anything outside of work. I did manage to get somethings taking care of for the house and personal things. I am happy to say I got prefect attendance at work. I was one of a few people to do that at work this year.

Though for much of 2016, things with Jo Anne and I have unfortunately have been of the back-burner. We had a major development last week that I have been working on for the process of getting Jo Anne here. With this development, I will take care of the major issue the is holding up her coming. I should have the issue taking care of in the next few months. The next step will be planning a trip to see Jo Anne so we can apply for her Visa again.

Now to go over my goals for the Year 2017. I have goals in in the areas of personal fiance, my online store, and my Blogs. I hope to achieve all my goals for the coming year.

Two of my personal fiance goal are to build my emergency up to cover one months worth of expenses and pay off at least one of my debts. The pass few months was seen my emergency fund get used up with a couple different issues with the car and house. I hope to get my emergency fund build back up soon so I can focus I getting my debts paid off. Getting the debts paid off will help free up money to use on a trip to Jo Anne and work on her Visa. I have a goal of being debt free one day and I am making good process on it. I just need to decide if I want to pay off my car or my student loan. Both of these debt should be paid off by the end of 2018 if I just pay the minimum payments on them.

Even with not having my focus on my online store I did good in 2016. I just fell short of making a profit for 2016. I have a goal of returning to making a profit in 2017. I also fell short of my goal of reaching a feedback score of 700 on eBay. I ended 2016 with the feedback score of 685 which was 15 points short of my goal. My feedback goal for 2017, will be a little harder to reach. I only had to get 105 points in 2016 to get to my goal of 700. I need to get 115 points to get my goal in 2017.

I have some goal for my blogs too. I have been thinking of a couple ideas for my blogs and in 2017, I plan to start working on them. I plan to post regular post of Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. I want to get back into posting the weekly Photo of the Week and start posting more post of some of my travels which I plan to do this year. One of my new ideas, for this blog will involve my love of history. I have started reaching a couple things to share of local history and so of the place I go. I also plan to start to start posting on my Blog, Spiritual Places,Spiritual Moments. I also have plans to start a new blog but it will cost me some money to get it started. To off set the cost in which the new blog will cost me, I need to decide on the best ways to offset those cost. I hope you guys enjoy the post I will post each year.

I am looking forward to 2017. May it be full of good times and success for us all.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Had A Merry Christmas

I know I have not been posting as much as I would like to have been posting lately. I have been sleeping most of the time that I have been off from work.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. My mom and I got gifts for all the kids this year. Mom got to see all her children on Christmas Day. My brother, James, met us at church on Christmas Eve and then stopped by the house Christmas Day. Seeing my brother, James, made mom really happy since we have not seen him in a long time.

It was a nice Christmas spending time with family and having good food to eat. Now it is time to start putting up the decoration until next year. I will spend this week, when I am not working, deciding on my goals for 2017. for I have a couple ideas for the Blog, I want to try out next year. One idea, is for a whole new Blog but I will need to see if I will have the money to do it. I am hoping things at work will not be as crazy since most of the bugs have been worked out of the computer program and I hoppe I will have more time to focus on the Blog and my online store.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wacky Video Wednesday: Chocolate Bath

I have been thinking of some new ideas for the Blog. I love watching videos on YouTube and come across some funny videos I like to share with my friends. I will try to share at least one funny or wacky video each week on Wednesday. The first video is the Chocolate Bath.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wood And Leaves

It was a beautiful Saturday outside today. I spent my morning laying around the house and talking with Jo Anne and spending time with my sister and her kids. It took me awhile to get myself motivated to go outside and do some of the yard work that I need to get done. Once I did, I got the rest of the pile of wood picked up and stacked between the two trees by the back gate and got most of the leaves in the backyard raked into a pile. All I need to do now is find a old blanket to use to move the leaves to the compost pile.

The big pile of leaves.

The wood pile sorted out by size.

I still have a lot of work to do around the yard and house. I have a good start to getting to yard ready for some fun in the spring. The backyard is looking good now. I guess tomorrow, I will work on getting the house decorated for Christmas. I need to get the Christmas tree out of the garage and setup in the living room. I want to do a little more decorating out in the front yard then the lights I did last year. I hope to get a little extra money to get on Christmas stuff from the stores.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Cooking And Projects

I so far have been making the most of my time off from work for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day, I cooked all day for my family and today, I worked on a few projects around the house. I feel good about both days.

Mom and I got up early Thursday morning to start prepare for the Thanksgivings Day Feast. Mary, my oldest sister helped me get the second dining room table out of the garage and set it up in the living room. After, we got the table setup, Mary, headed to a friends house to help with their dinner. My nephew, Victor, stayed with us to help us cook the dinner. Victor enjoys cook and helping around the house. He was a lot of help with getting the turkey and the sides ready.

The turkey, yams, creamed onions, and gravy.

Macaroni and Cheese, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and Broccoli Salad

Everyone's favorite side I make, Green Bean Casserole.

After eating and everyone left, I helped mom clean and then crashed. I am glad I slept good last night so I could get working on some projects I need to get done around the house. Well I have the table out of the garage, I decided to to try to work on organizing the garage a little better. Things pretty much got thrown into the garage when I moved in. Having Mary help me get the table out made it easier to get to some boxes and other things I needed to move in order to move another table and a set of shelves in a better place. I even have a desk that I managed to move today that I am using as a place to sort though the boxes. I need to sort the things I want to keep and the things to get rid of.

I raked the leaves up in the backyard a little before my mom called to join her for lunch. I got a big pile of leaves in the middle of my yard now. As I was raking the leaves in the corner where the back gate is, I stared to pick up the wood I got from my neighbor's yard a few weeks back. I decided to stack the wood up between two tree by the back gate. I figure it would be safer to have the wood there then right next to the house where I have been stacking the wood. Besides, the two trees will provide something to hold the wood up. I am sorting the wood out by sizes and clearing the leaves as I stack more of the wood. Saturday, I hope to get most of the wood and leaves taking care of and make the house a little safer with the risk of fires in the area.

So far, I am making the most of my days off from work for the holidays. I hope, I keep myself going on working on the projects around the house. The work around the house remembers me that I am thankful that I have a house to take care of.