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Friday, November 28, 2014

Photo Of The Week: Dove In Lights

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Window Treatments Coming Along

While I have been on vacation from work, I have been working on some things around the house. My main project has been getting the window treatments up for the living room. Today while looking through Lowe's again, I decided to those eggplant colored curtains to use in the living room. I was going to get more panels of the white sheet curtains I already have up but decided to wait on them and try the eggplant curtains.

When I got back home, I put the eggplant curtains up on the window. I like the resulting look. I am sure it will not win me any interior design awards but I like it. When mom got home from work and saw the new curtains said she liked it too. I need to get four more panels of the white sheer curtains and two more panels of the eggplant panels. I will start looking around for something to use for some tiebacks. Besides looking good, it gives us the privacy which we like. I like having the room a little dark the curtains still let the natural light from the outside in.

Once I get the windows completely done, I will work on getting new furniture for the living room. The sofa in comfortable but it with the loveseat needs to be replaced. The cushions will sink down into the sofa if you sit or lay on sofa the wrong way. Mom and I never really liked the white. I saw a three piece coffee and end table set for $150 last week at a second hand store that I like. Unfortunately, I did not have the money to get it at the time. Maybe, I will be lucky and they will still be there after I pay my bills and finish with the window treatment. I have been looking for some lamps too. One step at a time, I will get the house looking more like the home Jo Anne and I want.

Food Journey: Taco Vs. Burrito Debate

Having a little fun today with the Food Journey. Here is a debate on pressing issue of Taco Verse Burrito.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Productive Day

Today was an enjoyable and productive day. I worked on posting more books on my online store while mom was at work. Mom and I when shopping after she got off from work.

I managed to upload over 30 listings to eBay today. I sold one of the books I posted this morning as I was working on more listings. The book was an old sales book for an apartment building in Chicago. It sold for $30. I am excepting a good Holiday Shopping Season, even with the slow start. I only sold 4 books so far this month.

After mom got off from work, we heading up to the stores around the Asheville Airport. We were looking for curtains for the house. Trying to get curtains for the living room is turning out to by impossible. I am thinking looking online for curtains is the way I am going to have to go. It seems all the stores have the same three colors. I did manage to find a door mat for the front door. It should add a nice touch for the holidays.

Mom and I also looked for an egg tray and a turkey tray for Thanksgivings Day Dinner. The eggs try was $19.95 at Pier 1 and we got the Turkey tray on sale for $9.99 at the World Market.

We also found a nice tea pot at World Market. I cannot wait to use it, to make some hot tea.

The shopping trip was productive since we did find some good things for the house. I just wish we could find some curtains for the living room.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'm On Vacation Song

Here is a video I discovered a couple weeks ago. I have watched the video a few times in the past couple weeks. Since I am on vacation now, I figure this music video would be a good one to share.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day 2014

I just like to thank all the Veterans who serviced the United States.

The Dash - Veterans Day Tribute to Lance Cpl. Andrew Carpenter by Scotty McCreey

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ah! Home Improvement On Vacation

I have the next two weeks off from work. I spent the weekend resting. Today, I started to work on some of the projects, I have to do around the house. I have to say my vacation is off to a good start.

Today's project was getting curtains for the living room windows. I only got the white sheer curtains today. I could not find draperies in a color or pattern I liked. At some point, I plan to paint the walls blue or purple so I not really looking for draperies that match the yellow on the walls now. The white curtains look a lot but the the ugly brown with rose design curtains that were hanging up on the windows when I got the house. They did not even cover the widows. The hardware was messed up too and did not hold the curtain rods right. The new rods look so much better too.

My mom and I, are heading down to Greenville, South Carolina tomorrow to look around the stores down there. I hope to find some nice draperies. we should have more choices with the different stores down there. As time goes on, I will be getting new furniture and lamps for the living room. I saw a nice coffee table and end table set today for $150 for the three. I would have brought them if I already have the curtains already. I hope they will be there later when I have more money. I do feel good about getting the curtain rods and curtains setup in the livings room. I am glad to start focusing on my house instead of my car. Slowly, I will get things done around the house to make it a home for Jo Anne and I. At least with the improvements and other things I do and get for the house is like an investment.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Car Problems Agian And Voting

So far this has been an interesting week. On Monday, the check engine light came on in my car when I started to head to work. I was worried because of the issues I have had in the past two months. I planned on voting Tuesday and I was determined not to miss voting. The Senate race in North Carolina was one of the biggest in the country. I did not care for either Kay Hagan or Tom Tilas. I voted because I believe it is the duty of a citizen to vote. I am a limited government person. I believe government should only be big enough to take care of the things it is responsible for. I believe neither Hagan or Tilas will out the things that need to be cut. I do not want to get into a full out political rant here so I leave it at that. I am glad that I got to vote and things went smoothly and quickly when I voted.

Okay now for the car, I took the car into the garage this morning. It turned out to be a fuel valve that needs to be replaced. The valve alone cost over $300. My mechanic said I should be okay to drive around with the valve stuck like it is for now. I will need to get it replaced before I get my car inspected. The mechanic told me the valve is stuck right were I would want it stuck if it got stuck.

I hope that I have good sales during the Christmas shopping season so I will have the money to cover the car repair. I have the next two weeks off. I plan to work on listed as much books and other stuff on my online store while I am off from work. I also plan to do some blogging too.