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Friday, April 13, 2018

Photo Of The Week: Rayna In The Garden

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Making The Most Of A Weekend Off

I have been lucky enough to have a third weekend off in a row now. The last two weekends were taking up by get ready for Easter and taking care of family mostly. Along with not having money to start on a couple of projects I needed to do around the house. I set my mind to work on the things around the house I need to work on this weekend since I had it off and I am not sure when I will have my next Saturday off. I was worried a little because it was raining on Saturday but I did manage to take the trash and recyclables to the dump. After, the dump mom and I did the shopping. While we were shopping I got a few supplies to take care of some of the small projects I planned on doing this weekend.

My cousin was suppose to come up with his family Saturday for a visit and dinner but he still has not got his car fixed. Even with it raining out, I decided to still cook the sausage on the grill since I had then anyway. Besides, the sausage taste better when they are cooked over hot coals or fire. I hope to use the grill a lot this summer if I can get the time off and do not end up sleeping.

The sausage turns out great.

I cooked the peppers and onions on the grill with the sausage. Mom prepared the baked beans and macaroni and cheese. It was an enjoyable meal even with out the guest.

Sunday afternoon, is when I got a lot of the little projects done. First project was fixing the front bumper of my car up. I hope it take care of the shaking I feel when I get the car up to speed. I hope the fix holds for awhile but I know it hold forever.

As you see in the picture the bottom part of the bumper has come loose from get caught on the curves when parking the car.

I used double sided tape and duct tape to hold the bottom of the bumper back together with the main part of the bumper. The bottom did not connect with the main bumper as I would have liked but I hoping the tape will work for the time being.

I like to collect coffee mugs and I do use some of them. Mom and I have had three coffee mugs that the handles have broke. I have not gotten around to fixing them until this weekend. I got a tube of superglue and used it to fixed the mugs. I will have to see if the fix holds. I like the mugs are a good size to drink coffee from.



A few of the other projects, I work on was cleaning the coffee table and dining room table a little bit. I still need to organize my bills better but I got them in piles now. I got around to spray painting the flag on the mailbox red. That is one thing that has been driving me crazy since I moving into the house. I finally bought the paint that I have been avoiding buying just cause I did not see buying a whole can of paint only to use a little bit and have almost I full can sitting in the garage. I am sure I will find a use for the paint at some point. Maybe put another coat of paint on the flag. At least, it is not driving me crazy anymore. It is funny how little thing bother you so mush at times.

I finally got working on new listings for my online store. I put my new camera to good use and took pictures of the books I plan to list of eBay. I started posting them after I took the pictures. I will finish with the ones I got pictures for then I will work on getting some more books ready. I hope my sales go up as I get back into listing new things on eBay.

I am glad that I manage to get some projects done and others started this weekend. I am enjoying using my new camera. I hope that I will get the projects that still need to be done finished soon too.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Surprise, I Got A New Camera!

I told you Sunday, I had a surprise for you guys. After months of research and checking out different cameras, I ordered a Cannon SL2. I got it Tuesday and have been getting used to the new features. Starting back in August my old camera started having software issues. I started looking for a new camera. I spent time reading and watching online reviews of different camera and going to stores and checking out the cameras. I choose the Cannon SL2 because of the price and the features and accessories it offers. Many of the lens and accessories that work on my new camera will work for other Cannon cameras if I decide to upgrade in the future.

My new camera

I hope to be able to take more pictures and I plan to start working on doing videos. I will mostly use the camera for mt online store to take pictures for my listings. I also hope to working on better blog post and maybe make some YouTube videos. I wanted to get the new camera in time to get used to using it before my trip to Pennslvania in June. I plan to take several pictures and make a couple videos. Here are some of the test pictures I have taking.

A bush by my house.

My baby, Rayna


I am looking forward to using my new camera to do different projects. I hope you enjoy the blog as I share pictures and videos from my new camera with you.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Easter Cookout

This year we decided not to have our traditional holiday meal for Easter of ham or turkey. We had a cookout with brats and chicken sausages for dinner. I made macaroni and cheese and baked beans for sides. I cooked the brats and sausages with onion and peppers on the grill. My nephew, Victor and I got a fire started in the fire pit so the kids could make s'mores. Victor enjoyed helping with the fire.

I got a charcoal starter and used it. Made the grill cooking god faster.

The brats are the dark meat and the chicken sausage is the white ones. Peppers and onions in the pouch.

They looks so good when they finished cooking

I made up five Easter baskets for my sister's and cousin's kids. Unfortunately, my cousin could not make it up the mountain sine he was having car problems. I gave my sister's kids thier baskets and put my cousin's kids' baskets up to gave them when my cousin can make it up. We are planning for next weekend if I have off from work.

The Easter basket for the kids. Each kid got a Kinder egg and a Cadbury Creme Egg.

The kids asked me to hide Easter eggs for them for a Easter egg hunt. We did three rounds of the egg hunt. One if the kids, helped me hide the eggs before each round. They had fun looking for the eggs. It was the eggs I hide right in the open they had the hardest time finding.

Victor looking for eggs.

I hid the egg in this picture. Can you find it?

Julie finding an egg.

After the Easter egg hurt, we made some S'mores. The kids have been looking forward to the S'mores for awhile. My sister, brought the kids some large marshmallows. I had fun with marshmallows too.

Julie and Victor roasting the marshmallows over the fire pit.

I made a snowman out of the marshmallows.

He got a little warm but did not melt.

Trying to roast the marshmallow over the grill.

I was nice to have my family over for some time together. Everyone had a good time together.

My sister, Lisa, with my brother Steven and his his girlfriend, Velma spending time with my mom.

Victor and Jason seating together.

Julie enjoying some time with her mom, my sister, Mary, while her brother are busy outside.

Of course, my baby enjoying having me home.

I enjoyed my time with my family. I have a surprise coming this week, if everything working out. i hope is will help me improve my blogs, my eBay store, and some other projects I have been planning. I will make a post when I get the surprise that I have been working on the past couple months.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Cleaning The Car The Motor And Fuel Door

I ended up have today off. It was a welcome surprise. I was light rain today so I decided to not work on the yard stuff much. After the normal run to the dump on my Saturdays off to get rid of the household trash, I took the car to the car wash and washed the motor compartment out. I need to take the car to a detailing shop to get it cleaned even better. All I did was cover the electrical parts with plastic bags and aluminium foil. and and use the high pressure raise and raise the dirt and grease off the motor. It got a go bit of the grime off. I want to keep the engine clean in order to see where things are leaking from. While at the car wash, I washed the rest of the car including behind the fuel filling door. It looks a lot better then it did. It was almost all black from the grime and value that lets the gas and water overflow out was all clogged up with dirt. I quick spray with the high pressure water got it all cleaned up.

The motor after cleaning with the cover removed.

The fuel door after cleaning. You can see the value right below the fuel cap.

After, this basic cleaning the car seems to be running a little better. Just a couple more project on the car before my trip in June to Pennslanvia. I hope no more surprises come up between now and then.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New Easter Welcome Sign

Monday night, after I got off from work, I stopped at the store to get a few things for the house. I looked in the Easter section, not planning to buy anything but ended up buying a new welcome sign for the front door for Easter. It was less then $5 so I decided to go ahead and get it.

I am getting a good collection of welcome signs. I need to get a bin to store them in. Right now, they hang on a couple nails in the hallway when they are not on the front door. They get bumped off every once in awhile.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

If Only I Can Keep The Cars Out Of The Garage

The last several weeks have been rough with both my mom's van and my car being in and out of the garage. The wipers stopped stopping on my mom's van. We are still are waiting for a part in order to get them working. My sister, Mary, said she was able to find the part we need. She said she will have it put in for us. Then my mom can out from work on Valentine's day to find two cracks in the windshield. I filed a claim with my insurance and got the windshield replace at the Safelite Auto Glass shop in Asheville, North Carolina. They did a great job on the windshield. With the insurance I only had to pay the $100 deductible. Last week, I saw I needed new tires on my car. I ended up have to replace the tie rods. That cost a good bit of money. I have already had a crack in my radiator on my car fixed earlier this week. Thursday night on the way home my car overheated. I managed to get the car to a well lighted area and the entrance of a housing development. I called my mom to come pick me up and then called AAA for a tow. I am glad, that I have AAA and not just for the roadside assistants program. The tow to the garage was no charge for me. Their was to small plastic part that had gone bad. The replacement after market parts are made of metal. I hope that means, I will not have the problem again. It did not cost as much to get it fixed but it still hurt since I just got done paying for other repairs.

I am glad that I have money in my savings to cover the tires and the tie rods. I use my savings and my last paycheck to pay for it. I had to pay the last repair on one of my credit cards which I am trying to pay off. It is good that I have been working a lot of overtime at work but I do wish the money was not going to get things repaired on the car. I still need to get my door handle fixed before my trip to Pennsylvania in June. Mom and I are looking forward to it and I hope my car is all fixed up before the trip and have money saved up to cover everything without going into more debt to pay for it.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Replacing Mom's Van's Windshield

I got the windshield of my mom's van fixed today. About two weeks ago, mom came out from her shift at work and found two cracks in the windshield. I talked to my insurance agent and filed a claim and setup an appointment with safelite. Originally, the tech was going to come to the house to replace the windshield but since is was raining today I took the van to thier shop in Asheville. It took them a little over a hour to replace the windshield. The tech was very professional and explained what he did. The new windshield looks good.

We are waiting on a part to get the wipers on the van fixed. Our mechanic is checking all his sources for the part. I hope he finds someone with it soon.

In the next few weeks, I need to take my car in to a body shop and have the door handle fixed. I just got done getting a couple other things fixed on the car to get it past inspection. I have a few things I need to do before my trip to Pennsylvania in June.